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blazer - BikBok

shirt - Monki

beaded necklace - Missay

belt&bag - Lindex

shorts - H&M (FAA)

shoes - DinSko


We had a great night yesterday and that's easily noticed today! We all overslept and have huge headaches! But nevermind that! After our morning coffee we'll all be ready for the beach! Only two days left and they will be used to the maximum!

I realised just yesterday that i haven't told you that my vacation continues. From a lake to a sea,a little more south than the place i am right now! On th 27th we are off the Greece,to be more exact...we are going to spend 5 days on Halkidiki,one of the prefectures of Greece!

Update will continue as usual,I'll try and update as much and as often as I can!

See you later then!!! =)))


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