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t-shirt - MUSE concert
shirt - b'friends
jeans - H&M
hat - H&M

What is this? Wasn't it supposed to be summer? Spring if anything! It feels like october. I need my winter jacket,boots,shawl.mittens....Ah! So cold! And wet! Let it be over! I want heat! And sweat! Ahaha!!!
Anyone else who feels like me?!?

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  • daniela säger:

    varme kommer...ifall du ska snart åka i Makedonien där e VAAAARM -riktig sommar

    2010-06-11 | 23:09:30
  • Karin säger:

    SJälvklart är det ok, fina du! Puss!

    2010-06-12 | 00:16:04
    >>Blog adress<<: http://karinbylund.se/
  • zaida säger:

    snygg outfit

    2010-06-12 | 10:59:18
    >>Blog adress<<: http://zaidaa.devote.se/

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