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vest - H&M
shirt - Monki
shorts - GinaTricot//Tradera
socks - Macedonia
boots - DocMartins

I thought it would be a long time before i put my feet in these Docs again,but nope,not when you live in Göteborg! =) So,i went and returned the jacket and took a size bigger! Bought some small things too that you are going to see eventually. Some of the family members can be checked off the presents list! Feels good!
What have you been up to this rainy Tuesday,or are you having a sunny one ?!?

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  • Sissi säger:

    sv; tack så mycket - och jo tyget är verkligen snyggt :)

    2010-06-08 | 20:33:21
    >>Blog adress<<: http://enligtsissi.blogg.se/

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