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hat - H&M
t-shirt - H&M (BlackBook)
gloves - Indiska
cardigan - Ullared
jeans - Lindex

Today has been very casual, mostly I've been sitting in front of my laptop writing lab rapports. Went grocery shopping and picked up some packages that had arrived for me. Lot of things to show you!
The internet hasn't been working with me the whole day...that's why the update was bad too.
Found out that the zipper on my lovely Dr.Marten's is broken and I need to fix it (any good and cheap tips of where&how to do that?!?), then I found out that I have a whole in my Gojane boots so they won't do me good either.
Conclusion: need a new pair of winter boots! =)
Nope, I'm going to stop complaining, finish my lab rapport and console myself with chocolate!
Have a nice evening! =)

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  • rock n roll mamma säger:

    kanonsnygg outfit

    2010-10-19 | 20:35:43
    >>Blog adress<<: http://emis.myshowroom.se
  • Julietta säger:

    d finns på vårväders men annars kan jag ta med mig de till makedonien o fixa dom xP

    2010-10-19 | 20:39:13
  • daniela säger:

    ...d finns i Nordstan oxå...ne li ti e ladno sas dzemper?!iako izgleda UBAVO<3

    2010-10-19 | 21:36:27
  • MALIN - Längtar efter min prinsessa! säger:

    Gillart! Som vanligt alltså :)

    2010-10-19 | 22:38:35
    >>Blog adress<<: http://malinkarlstrand.blogg.se/
  • meddy säger:

    Din syster länkade din blogg till mig när jag fråga om någon hade en intressant blogg att visa. Riktigt snygga kläder du har på dig! like it!

    2010-10-20 | 12:38:02
    >>Blog adress<<: http://meddii.devote.se
  • Isa säger:

    sv; Hittade det på ebay!

    2010-10-20 | 13:17:56
    >>Blog adress<<: http://fashion-tourist.com/

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