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I miss the summer heat in Macedonia, especially now, when it's raining here. Anyways, these are eight of my summer outfits. More precisely these are my favourite summer outfits!
Do you have a favourite one from these eight ?!?

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  • sabina säger:

    ooh vill också ha lite värme.. fyy vad det är trist när det regnar!

    2011-08-27 | 17:10:57
    >>Blog adress<<: http://sabinamalmberg.blogspot.com
  • Boban säger:

    Even though the last one in the first row is totally in one style and looks like taken from a movie, my fav is the first in the second row. It's just ... sexy and... black. ;)

    2011-08-28 | 15:17:29

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