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via spell and the gypsy
Grazia UK

OMG! This is on another level! I mean...seriously...I love it!
I love every single pose, every single piece of clothing and jewelry (which, btw comes from spelldesigns.com), love the hair and the make up, the styling, the shoes....I can continue like this forever, but I'll just let you enjoy this art! =)

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  • Lucas Gustavsson säger:

    Anmäl dig till dagens blogg hos mig och ta del av mina 2000 läsare per dag om du vill :)

    2011-11-10 | 15:48:41
    >>Blog adress<<: http://modegrabben.webblogg.se/
  • M* säger:

    - löve it!

    2011-11-10 | 15:58:58
    >>Blog adress<<: http://ILROMANISTA.SE

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