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I am a huge fan of Fashion Against Aids, the special collection H&M releases every spring, where 25% of the purchase goes to fighting against spreading HIV/AIDS.
Always loved what the collection has to offer, though I was a bit disappointed last year. However, this year the FAA-collection looks amazing and I would like to own 99% of it since it has clear etno-inspired pieces, but my money will surely go for the fringe-dress (suprised ?!? :), the denim shorts with the pattern pockets and the feather headband. Might end up buying some other things too...but now, the only thing left is to save some money and eagrly await the 26th of April, since that is the date when you'll be able to get this things at the store (Divided) and online!
Can't wait!!! Do you have any favourites ?!?

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  • julietta säger:

    bezrazliku koj dn e, i u kolko saat, ja + ti + minimum 300kr = hm!

    ye... me gusta :)

    2012-02-08 | 15:42:43
    >>Blog adress<<: http://stepintomystyle.devote.se

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