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I'm hung up on jeans at the moment. Never actually been a leggings person, since I like having pockets (very practical!). I think it's more fun with jeans in different colours, patterns and forms.
When it comes to bags, it's all about the fringe and decoration at the moment. I love this one in cream from Spelldesigns.com!
Nothing new on the front here. Still living in my boots, this time changing between these MC-inspired ones from H&M and a pair of brown, western-inspired pair! =)
It seems as if I went from bracelets, to belts and now to necklaces! They have a special place in the heart if they have wooden beads and are long, ergo perfect for layering!
Really want a velvet blazer! I'd preffer one in a deep, royal blue, but a black one, like this from Gina Tricot would be just fine as well! =)
Just the same as for shoes. Long and wavy, up in a high ponytail, braided or decorated with headbands and hats. Though I might have to cut off some cm of it, it has been a while now =)
In winter, when the skin gets dry easily I always try to moistorise it as often as I can and the better moistourising cream you have the better. I use mine as the base before putting any make up on - so much better for you skin, especially if you want to skip those wrinkles =) Then comes the rest of the basics, concealer, foundation and mascara. Two eye-liners are always in the mix, a black one and a turquoise-blue one!
The darker it gets outside the more I'm turning to brighter shades when creating my outfits, but even this can fail sometimes. You know, those early mornings, when nothing feels right and you just pull on your safe card. the black jeans, a knit and a pair of boots. Well, my other saviour card, especially great for those days, are nails in a bright and happy colour! My "go to" at the moment is this mint green shade from Depend! =)
How does your "at the moment" list look like ?!? I'd love the read them all, pleaseshare if you make one! =)

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