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As you might have notices (haha) I'm totally fallen for the bohemian / hippie style and those are the two words I am confident in using when describing my style. I've found my style, but my personality there as well! Just because I use those two words together a lot, I tought I could give you some tips of how you can use accessories to make your outfit look more bohemian or hippie! 
The key words (all according to me) are: fringe, feathers, beads, turquoise; braids, suede and brown! Some might even say gold, but I like to mix there and think that even silver, black and studs can be bohemian when styled "properly"! Bright colours and pattern like paisley, tye-dye and even Native American prints are a part of the signature style! 
You don't necesserily have to wear flares, bell-armed shirts and crazy patterned tops if you don't want to, but a feather necklace or earrings, a fringe bag, a brown braided bag and a big, floppy hat would do the trick! 
As you all know for sure, the "small" details as the accessories are the one that make or breake the outfit!

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