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I've been waiting for this for such a long time! The latest Isabel Marant collection has been quite a success everywhere, especially for the budget stores, which have been trying to offer "close to the original" alternatives for a much lower price. Here, in Sweden brands like Gina Tricot, Bik Bok and Cubus have tried this option and succedded, while I sat back and wondered why isn't H&M signing up for this as well! 
It didn't take long anyways, since these are some of the pieces that I found in H&M's press gallery of what is up to come! And do I dare say "OMG! I need all of them!", but these are deffinitiely some of the best pieces so far! 
On my wishlist you'll find: the jacket (!!!), the suede, fringe shorts, the lace blouse, the black cowboy shirt and the hat! What are your wishlist items if you have any ?!?

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