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Now that fall is deffinitely here to stay (it has been raining non-stop for the last two days), I'm longing for summer even more than before!!! So typical me! Anyways, something I'm always trying to achieve is to keep the "summer" in my outfits even during fall and winter time! That is really challenging, especially when living in cold and rainy Sweden, but I like challenges!  I love wearing white, lace, crochet and fringe and just those factors alone (which are the key-words in any true hippie/gypsy/bohemian soul's closet) are enough for an outfit to feel easy and summery! Don't get me wrong here, I love wearing cosy knits, but they are always fullfilled with some of the four factors above, to help me keep the summer in my outfits! =)

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  • Sara - Ensamstående mamma säger:

    Vilken mysig tröja på översta bilden, ser jättehärlig ut :)

    Svar: ja, ellet hur! synd att jag inte kunde hitta vart den kommer ifrån! =)

    2012-09-19 | 23:19:07
    >>Blog adress<<: http://dolphin.blogg.se
  • j säger:

    Verkligen likt dina outfits ;)

    Svar: hahaha...tack! märkte inte det förrän nu! =)

    2012-09-20 | 19:09:30

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