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Model and photo editor: Nina Dimevska
Photographer: Magdalena Gjorgjevska
I was completely blown away when I saw these photos on my cousin Nina's Facebook Timeline! This is part of the work that she and her friend Magdalena did in their spare time this summer! They are both responsible for the styling and the make-up...but then the poses, the enviroment and the photo quality (which got lost while uploading here...sorry for that) are fantastic...at first I didn't even recognize my own cousin! =) Love the juxtapostion of the soft dress, the stong colour of the wedge and the "not-so-very-pretty" background! A winning composition if you ask me!
Anyways...I just wanted to share these couple of photos with you guys and I hope you like them as much as I do! =)

P.S. It's really a shame that the photos are become in such a bad quality after I've uploaded them here, but there was nothing I can do about it sorry!

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  • beedgy säger:

    Lovely pictures :)

    Svar: thank you! =)

    2012-09-14 | 20:50:55
    >>Blog adress<<: http://www.beedgy.se

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