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H&M has filled their web shop with a lot of new pieces which breathe fresh and sweet spring air and I am so excited for all the new SS13 collections! The favourites between the favourites are the fringe backpack, the long sleeved lace top, the denim dress and the shades....tell me yours !!!


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Linni Vintage Look Book 2012 / 2013

Love the carelesness of this look book and how every piece speaks for it self, yet they all work very well together! What do you think babes ?!?


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Vogue Paris November 2012

Such a great editorial! Love the ruff anf tuff western inspired outfits and the location(s) is just spot on! Makes you want to get in a car and just drive away! What do you think babes ?!?

: : : LOVE STONED : : :

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Sugarhighr - Lovestoned Look Book

In love with the latest SH+LS Look Book! The 70's bohemian...love the vibe, the fringe and all those amazing velvet pieces! A burgundy blazer and royal blue velvet flares to go please! The two amazing girls behind the label have done it!
Tell me shat you think babes ?!?


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Vogue Spain November 2012

In love with the styling of this editorial! The perfect interpretation of Wild West 2012!


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I love black jeans! It's the number one thing every girl should have in her closet if you ask me! The perfect base when creating any outfit...But, it can look very boring, even though it may not be the same pair of black jeans you wore yesterday, it still looks the same. That is why I think it's good to invest in apair of black jeans with a bit different wash that the ones you already  have, look for decorations like zippers, studs or embroidery. 
In the collage above you see some jeans that you can find in store now and my favourites are the pair from Topshop and the last pair from H&M! Which is yours ?!?


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Spell & The Gypsy Collective Look Book SS2012

To hear that there is a second half of this sheer geniousness, creativity and inspirational shots makes it so exciting for me! I love everything about this label, their creations, the sisters behind it and I know that ther lookbooks are a huge success! =) 
Stay tuned for the second part! 


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Elle Spain November 2012

Love the styling and the clear inspiration point this editorial has! WHat do you think ?!?


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Gina Tricot has added so many news at their web-shop recently and here are my favourites. The fringe jacket in faux suede, decorated with studs is amazing. The velvet blazer in black is sheer perfection, I just wish they had one in navy =) Love the belt, the tasseled bag and the studded boots and the set of "festival bangles" as they called is on my wishlist already! =)
Something that caught your eye babes ?!?


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Elle Spain November 2012

I've never been the type of girl that dreams about her wedding day, has everything planned out, knows even what dress she wants...But, if you ask me now, a beach wedding doesn't sound bad at all, in fact, it sounds perfect! How about you guys, what do you think ?!?

H&M SS 2013

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I've seen some press photos of H&M's spring summer 2013 collection and I think it's a success! Liked most of the pieces that I saw, I'm amazed at the embroidery and the folklore influence used, but these are my favourites! The tassel skirt is absolutely amazing, the patchworked jacket with native print is a "must have piece" for my wardrobe and the beige, cowboy boots are already on my "have-to-have" list! 
What do you think sweeties ?!? Which ones are your favourites ?!?


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Free People October Look Book

The folks at Free People are incredibly talented, full with inspiration and always spot on when it comes to styling and I absolutely enjoy looking through their look books!


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Look Book for Patrick Shannon Bags;
styling: Ashley Glorioso
photography: Zoey Grossman

It's no doubt I love everything this amazing duo of a stylist and a photographer create, but now they incorporate something I love even more...bags, Patrick Shannon bags! They are all so amazing and I'd love to see that tiger head, fringe clutch in my closet! So badass, get them here! =)


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H&M has filled their web-shop with so many great pieces and I picked out my favourites that you see in the collage. Love the black lace dress, the jewelry is perfect and love the patterned, knitted dress-perfect to stay cozy and warm on a Saturday afternoon when out for a walk! The fringe top is one of those base tops that my wardrobe needs and the printed cardigan is just so lovely! =)
What do you think ?!? Do you have any favourites ?!?


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Elele Turkey August 2012

Lace, crochet and sheers is timeless, feminine and beautiful! I love this editorial since it portrays those three words perfectly!


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Elle France September 2012

I love the cosyness knits provide and at the moment I'm lusting for printed, oversized cardigans, tops and ponchos to warm my body with! =)


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Those of you wh've follow my blog know that I'm a huge Palema Love fan and I'm absolutely crazy about ther jewelry! So you can imagine how I felt when I heard that she collaborated with Nine West for a small boot "collection". 
I love these, the metal detail is fenomenal I love that it's patterned and that it's both at the toes and the heel! I would love a pair in every colour. Too bad they're only sold in USA. Those of you who can, get them here!


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"This lookbook is reminiscent of those rock n’ roll bohemian days, all wrapped up in texture, rich color schemes and patterns made cool with khaki details, studding and heavy jewelry. Each look is romantic, in that dark, bohemian way. It’s like a modern Stevie Nicks or Janis Joplin just stepped off a bus and brought along with them Jimi Hendrix’s wardrobe."

I couldn't have said it better myself! Part gypsy, part rock'n roll, this lookbook is my favourite by far! Love every single piece and the styling is to die for! This is a look book I will always come back to when I need inspiration for this season! =)
What do you think babes ?!?


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Alushia Sanchia Spring Summer Look Book 2012

Love the inspiration the girls have gotten from Mother Africa for this collection! Lot of etnical, native inspired jewelry paired with ecletic prints wanting to wake up the wanderer in you! What do you think of Bokor ?!?


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img src: hm.com; collage: by me

I've been waiting for this for such a long time! The latest Isabel Marant collection has been quite a success everywhere, especially for the budget stores, which have been trying to offer "close to the original" alternatives for a much lower price. Here, in Sweden brands like Gina Tricot, Bik Bok and Cubus have tried this option and succedded, while I sat back and wondered why isn't H&M signing up for this as well! 
It didn't take long anyways, since these are some of the pieces that I found in H&M's press gallery of what is up to come! And do I dare say "OMG! I need all of them!", but these are deffinitiely some of the best pieces so far! 
On my wishlist you'll find: the jacket (!!!), the suede, fringe shorts, the lace blouse, the black cowboy shirt and the hat! What are your wishlist items if you have any ?!?