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There's been a lot of talk about shirts on the blog these days, but I can't help myself. The stores have filled up with some great options and the shirt is the great fall piece, the one you can wear on its own, but it's easily layerable as well. Anyways, this one is from Gina Tricot, from their so called Western Romance line =)
As you might have guessed, I'm pretty fallen for it. Love that it's black, but then you have these native printed patches at the pockets at front and at the sholders back. 
What do you think babes ?!?


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from Gina Tricot; 299:-

Those of you who read my blog knows how I feel about western inspired clothing. I love it! So you can imagine how excited I got when I saw this shirt at Gina Tricot. Love the black and white and the cut at the chest! It's currently on the top of my wish list and I really need to go check it out in real life! =)


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Time flies by so fast and it hit me that it was a year ago, when I was in Macedonia, when I celebrated my 22nd b'day! Gosh! I'm turning 23 on Saturday and here is some things that I wouldn't mind receiving as a present. Don't get me wrong though, I love surprises, so just bring it darlings ;)


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I wanted these spiky bracelets for ever now, but everywhere I looked, where I knew they had them, they were sold out! Now,Nelly.com has made their version and are selling them for 99SEK, the hard part...deciding which one to get. I just might click both of them...what do you think ?!?


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Roaming the area of the online shopping country, searching for something completely different I happen to stumble upon this awesomness! This jacket was as if pulled out from my head! I love everything about it, the visible stiches, the "waterfall" design, the colour and the material! I could really use an update in my leather jackets file, too bad my wallet screams, NO! One can always dream and hope for sale, right ;) ?!?
You'll find it here and you can have it for 1500 SEK !


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You all know by now how I feel about crochet (love it!). Another thing I love is cardigans! It is the perfect thing that makes an outfit complete. You can wear just the usual tank top or tee with a pair of denim cut off's  (like on the photos), thow a cardi on and you look great! The outfit is even more fullfulled if the cardi has a pattern and texture, this is where a crochet cardigan fits perfectly!!! =)
This one is from Only, you can find it at Nelly.com....and I wish I didn't have a shop-stop so I could click it home to me! It is so beautiful!!!! Don't you think ?!?


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Found these at Hilda's blog yesterday! I've never craved a pair of boots, with summer around the corner, like this!!! They are in real leather and are to be found in Bik Bok.
Love the short variation of the cowboy boot and the steel piece by the toes and the heels is just perfect!
I need them! ;)


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I am in love! Found this dress while browsing through Nelly.com's dress selection. You know how I feel about crochet and fringe, so this combination just blew me! =) The styling is also perfect, there's no doubt that this could be the perfect summer dress, for me! =))) Too bad my wallet screamed NO when I saw the price! ;)
But, one can always dream and search for a cheaper version, right ?!?
Find the dress here!


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I'm searching for an aztec printed dress...something like this ! This one is from missguided.co.uk and if I weren't out of my shopping budget for this month, I would have ordered it in a split second!
The print is amazing, I like the mix of colours and the model of the dress...
What do you think ?!? Yey or Nay ?!?


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1. fashion-canvas.blogspot.com; 2.+3. LF's lookbook via Oracle Fox

Remember the talk about the shirt ?!? Well, I'm still obsessing over the perfect one, but I can't seem to find some with a price tag that my wallet would approve of...any help here ?!?


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Lately I've been craving the perfect shirt. It's a piece that is always trendy and in style...it never "dies". But, ot the white one or the black one, but a shirt with a twist! A black one, with western details like white edges or fringe and a denim one with patch-work a lá Isabel Marant, like that one that My is wearing. I am actually going to check it IRL since I couldn't stop thinking about it from the moment I saw it!


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pic: Laredoute.com; collage by me

Found these two amazing pieces on laredoute.se and I fell in love witht the feather pattern, but I'm having difficulty deciding which piece I love most, which one is more me....Should I go for the dress and maybe shorten it a bit, or the playsuit ?!?
Which one would you go for ?!?


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collage by me; pic from kyssjohanna.se; asos.com; carrooco.se

Lately my eyes get stuck on anything arrow-like. Bracelets, rings, necklaces...even earrings! I'd be the happiest person if I find a necklace like on the photo from Harper's Bazaar, but I don't even know which brand it is from!
So my first arrow will most probably be the ring from Carrooco.se!
What do you think ?!?


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Bolo tie! Remeber those two words!
The official tie of New Mexico is back and it is a trend in which (at least) I believe in strongly for this spring/summer! The great thing with it is that you can transform it to match your minimalistic style, which a lot of people doubt since the bolo tie is strongly connected to the "wild west/cowboy" style...but I say it depends on how you match it and how the tie looks like!
When I get one (and I have to have one :)) I'll most probably match it with a pair of jeans, a white (or checkered) shirt and my darling, cowboy boots! =))
Yee-ha! =)


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OMG!!! I've been (kind of) obsessed with arrows lately! Seen them as bracelets (here) and as a necklace (here)....and now...I have to have an arrow of some kind =))) Found this ring at carrooco.se and I'm strongly considering of clicking it home....think I'll wear it every day!!! =)


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via planetblue

...brown, suede, bell bottoms!!! Won't you be mine ?!?


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via Free People's blog

One more thing I've got stuck on, besides bell bottomed jeans, is the wide legged pant...prefferably in some cool pattern. Hadn't seen any pair that I like and that doesn't come from freepeople.com until yesterday, then I found these cool, patterned, wide-legged pants (picture below) from bubblerrom.se
Now the queastion is....should I order a pair to try it out...am I even going to wear as often as I think ?!?
Help ?!?


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Borntobewild; OdetteNY (OracleFox); Purse'n'boots; tumblr; Wheredidyougetthat; Spelldesigns; OracleFox(edited by me)

1. I really,really,really want a brown, suede fringe jacket! It's my number one thing for this spring/summer =)
2. These bracelets are perfection! Big cravings!
3. Stone Cold Fox navajo shorts....be mine this summer!!!
4. I need a black cowboy belt!
5. Karen's beaded bracelets are amazing! Need to go on some open market soon...it would be the perfect place to find something similar...or...what do you think ?!?
6. Another thing I really really really want is a brown, fringe bag...dreaming abouth this one from Spelldesigns.com!!!
7. I love my brown cowboy boots that I bought from Nelly.com last spring....but I want a pair of black ones now! To get a pair this spring is the plan!


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source: here

Since I saw this bag I'm dreaming about it....it's from Mango, apparently, and the lucky owner is Emma Elwin from emsedge....so beautiful! The perfect bag of all times, but it seems to be very hard to find  since it's an older collection of Mango's.
If any of you has one and wants to sell it, or knows someone who's selling...please contact me!


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pic src: studded hearts; collage by me
I've been on the hunt for that perfect, white lace dress a while now. It has to be white, but not chalk white, more milky-cream white...with a lovely vintage feel and not the usual model that we see nowadays in the stores.
Sadly, my little "hunt" hasn't shown any results yet, but this girl looks like she has what I'm searching for! The white, lacy dream!
If any of you know where I can get this dress, or something similar to it....please let me know! =)