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1. I really,really,really want a brown, suede fringe jacket! It's my number one thing for this spring/summer =)
2. These bracelets are perfection! Big cravings!
3. Stone Cold Fox navajo shorts....be mine this summer!!!
4. I need a black cowboy belt!
5. Karen's beaded bracelets are amazing! Need to go on some open market soon...it would be the perfect place to find something similar...or...what do you think ?!?
6. Another thing I really really really want is a brown, fringe bag...dreaming abouth this one from Spelldesigns.com!!!
7. I love my brown cowboy boots that I bought from Nelly.com last spring....but I want a pair of black ones now! To get a pair this spring is the plan!

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  • Therese Ahlström säger:

    Åh, älskar jackan!

    2012-01-18 | 21:49:52
    >>Blog adress<<: http://thereseahl.blogg.se/
  • Hadas säger:

    Haha jag har också sett den bilden med skjärpet, tittat lite på second hand efter liknande, så snyggt! När ska vi second hand shoppa? Alla tjejerna!

    2012-01-19 | 20:40:43
  • Matilda säger:

    Men så mycket snyggt!

    2012-01-23 | 22:33:07
    >>Blog adress<<: http://fashionbible.blogg.se/

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