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It's finally time for another give away! This time you can win a piece of handmade jewelry of your choise. The jewelry is produced by a girl called Kajsa and the web-shop is called Fashion Jar. There you will find various types of jewelry as well as other accessories and clothes. All the pieces are handmade by Kajsa. I especially love her "Nature's Collection" from which you see my absolute favourites in the collage above!
To participe you need to:
- go in here and choose the jewelry you want to win with the price up to 100 SEK
- comment this post saying that you are in, leave the link to the jewelry that you chose and your e-mail adress.
For a bigger chance to win:
- tip about this give away on your blog, using the photo and a link back to this post
- if you don't have a blog, you can tip on your Facebook page, Instagram or the like
Good luck sweethearts!!! =)

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  • Felicia säger:

    Åhhh jag är med!!

    http://fashionjar.blogg.se/2012/april/armband-mocka-kors.html#comment Den vill jag ha om jag vinner, underbarrrrt!


    2012-06-10 | 21:07:29
    >>Blog adress<<: http://fjaelkis.blogg.se/
  • Vesna säger:

    Jag vill vara med och jag vill ha http://fashionjar.blogg.se/2012/april/armband-mocka-kors.html#comment om jag vinner!!! :D

    Din blogg ar underbar btw :D

    2012-06-17 | 20:00:08
  • Jessica säger:

    Jag är med! :)
    Om jag vinner vill jag ha http://fashionjar.blogg.se/2012/march/ring-rosett.html#comment :)

    2012-06-18 | 19:17:46
    >>Blog adress<<: http://whereweare.webblogg.se

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