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Category: For The Home


Category: For The Home

Found these cute little elephants the other day in some random shop and I just couldn't resist them! They are divided in two parts, the small ones (in front) and the bigger ones (at back), and they both cost me less than 100 SEK!
They'll be the perfect addition to my African theme in the living room....don't you think ?!?


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Another thing that I bought on the market this Sunday is this pretty, silver, picture frame. I love that the edges show its age, the only thing I have to do now is to remove the paper mark and find a nice, black&white picture of an African musician or something with an African motif!


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The Christmas decoration and the red curtains are packed and moved aside to wait for the next year. Now all the African figurines and the silver details are out....and I like it!
If you want to see how it looked before, go here and here =)
Now - Lunch!


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This candle light holder followed with me from the open market the other day!
Got it for 20 SEK! Perfect for the decoration I've planned for the living room! =)


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This one will be hanging at the window in our bedroom very soon.
Bought it today at the market for 50 SEK! I call that a bargain!


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Heeej all you lovely readers :) Ivanas sister here, I just wanted you to know that Ivana is allright and that she is in full speed with the packing for the new apartment! She will blogg you tomorrow, but for now enjoy some of this beautiful livingrooms and you may get some inspiration :*


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last year

I love decorating for Christmas! This is how the Christmas tree and a part of the room's decoration looked like last year.
This year,now...the living room is half-empty...or full with packing boxes and paper...sad...but in a week....I will start Christmas decorating our new living room!


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I really need to start sorting and keeping my rings,bracelets and necklaces in a better way that I do now. It has to look pretty and neat too....it just looks like a big mess now....I need some hands,trees and harps even....especially for my necklaces!
How do you keep your jewelry!


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I've always wanted to have a World Globe on some of my book-shelves at home.
I found this one at Indiska. It's not too big or too small and it costs 199 SEK.
I'm seriously considering it for our new living room! What do you think ?!?


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The good news this week is that we've gotten a bigger apartment! I am so,unbelievable happy!
What makes me even happier is that I'll get to decorate a whole apartment again. Everyting is still spinning in my head, but I know how I want my living room to look like!
Light is the key word! A lot of white and then some black. To make it more me add some red details to all of it.
Ohhhh! I have so many ideas! That means....more update under the " For The Home" cathegory! Super! =)
Btw...tips me of all good style and enterior design blogs you know!


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I rally am into masks!!! Especially if you can use them as home-decor! And it doesn't matter what type of a mask it is! Venetian,african,burlesque! It's a speciall thing for me. I have three home and i wouldn't mind more!
The masks on the photos are my friend's! Really got stuck for the second one!!!


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I had bought this hanger a while ago,but never had a chance to show it to you,properly! =)
Here are some before and after pictures. The pretty black "velvet" body has most of my favourite necklaces hanging on it!

Now it's time to go and finish some last things before the trip!
See you when i see you! Peace! =)


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I've totally forgotten to show you something that i've bought last week! It's this pretty thing that was missing out from a "collection"...

This pretty litlle thing,comes from Jysk,and this is where it's been placed...

Once Jysk got these Africa inspiried figures,i was inspired myself. Went there,bought every little piece and the theme in the living room was changed to African.
Some of the other figures:

The talest woman to the left is a present from Macedonia;

Love the elephant!

This is what I call "The Wall Of Gifts"; since everything on it is a gift. The midlle one is a birthday present from my friends from Macedonia. The venetian mask is a gift from a dear friend of mine.The one to the right is a gift from my dad!!!

It has been a very long day,since most of it was spent in cleaning!!! But cleaning was never this fun! Probably since we were doing it together,me and the b'friend. Cleaned the WHOLE apartment and did the laundry! Now time for a well deserved portion of ice-cream and a movie!
Hope you had a great day and evening!!!
Big Love!!!