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I've totally forgotten to show you something that i've bought last week! It's this pretty thing that was missing out from a "collection"...

This pretty litlle thing,comes from Jysk,and this is where it's been placed...

Once Jysk got these Africa inspiried figures,i was inspired myself. Went there,bought every little piece and the theme in the living room was changed to African.
Some of the other figures:

The talest woman to the left is a present from Macedonia;

Love the elephant!

This is what I call "The Wall Of Gifts"; since everything on it is a gift. The midlle one is a birthday present from my friends from Macedonia. The venetian mask is a gift from a dear friend of mine.The one to the right is a gift from my dad!!!

It has been a very long day,since most of it was spent in cleaning!!! But cleaning was never this fun! Probably since we were doing it together,me and the b'friend. Cleaned the WHOLE apartment and did the laundry! Now time for a well deserved portion of ice-cream and a movie!
Hope you had a great day and evening!!!
Big Love!!!

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