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Sunday today,a very spring like day. Sunny,warm,oh...we spent it at my parents's with our first barbq!!!! amaizing!!!
Although that means that tomorrow is Monday and my two week spring/Easter vacation is over...and it's back to uni again :( but but,today was a perfect day for ending the påsk lov =)
Todays look =>

top - H&M
vest - Gina Tricot
leggings - Gina Tricot
accessories - Lindex
doc martin's

japp,so the day is ending with the coasy sofa,the sweet b-friend,ice cream and "50 first dates" =)
hope you had a great day and that the evening continues in the same direction!!!

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  • Stefan säger:

    Nice picture :)

    2010-04-12 | 13:25:27

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