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my day in the capital....

1. The Guitar House where we went to look for a guitar looked amaizing,but the people who worked there were very rude,and i wasn't allowed to take anymore photos....
2,3,4. Some really cool and funny statues at the town square;
5,6. London Calling;a telephone booth right next to a cafe called London (a perfect match with my shorts-pockets)!
7. Went to a cool shop;
8,9. With cool changing rooms....but i was too tired to try anything!!!

Fun but a long day it has been! Thought i'll come empty handed this time too,but nope! I'm very satisfied with the things i bought!!!
More about that later so don't miss out!!!! =)

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  • daniela säger:

    jätte fina bilder från Skopje...speciell den telefon box som matchar med din shortsficka och hårfärg...jag tror att Skopje har tvåvånings bussar..eller..?

    2010-07-08 | 23:02:35

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