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On this date...one year ago...I wrote my first post i this blog, introducing myself, the content of the blog to be and wishin everyone Happy Easter. It was even written in swedish, before I decided that I'm going to write in english.
Yes...Ivanna's Closet is one year old (young) today! =) Hoping for more to come!!!
I want to thank you all who are supporting me, following my blog in various ways, reading and commenting. You always have great, constructive critique...I hope that will continue!
And then...a special thanks to my b'friend and my sister who've been hepling me and putting up with my various wishes for the oh-so-important outfit photos! I couldn't have done it without you! <3
Have a great start of the week you all!!! =)
Big Love!!!

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  • sabina säger:

    grattis ;)

    2011-04-04 | 17:47:28
    >>Blog adress<<: http://missmalmberg.blogspot.com
  • Dagens Outfit säger:

    happy birthday to you :)

    2011-04-04 | 18:26:13
    >>Blog adress<<: http://dagensoutfit.co
  • j säger:

    Naaaw i have tears in my eyes :) grattis o många såna o mindre jobbiga år :**

    2011-04-04 | 19:06:55

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