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Yes! This spring and summer I will be wearing all white! From top to toe! Shorts,pants,shirts, tees. Even as a dress, and prefferably a crochet,white one...mmm, yes please! And I'm deffinitely getting myself a white blazer!
Besides white, silver comes in to the picture. Not only as jewelry and accessories, but in tops and bottoms!
For the cold nights, this spring and summer I would preffer a black and/or military green bomber jacket!
Will try to combine more leo print also!
I wouldn't be myself if I don't wear black,even in summer,yes. This in long skirts and dresses, preferably asymmetric and shoes of course!!! I won't give up my converse....but I will continue with peep toe sandals and sandalette-wedges! Oh yes!
For a bag...well I want a backpack which I'll have with me everywhere I'll go, so I can have all the necessities with!
I've probably forgotten something, but all in all....white, silver, black, wedges, bomberjackets, long skirts and backpacks are the key words of how I want to look this ss11!

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