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1. I really, really want a beaded/embroidered clutch, slightly oversized, with a cool pattern! Any ideas where I can find some for a reasonable price ?!?
2. My dream jacket! Love the material, the colour, the fringe and all the small details! Ah! Perfection!
3. I need a long lace/crochet cardigan with bell arms. This one will be perfect! =)
4. These shorts that Sofi found at Zara are amazing! Love the lace up details on the sides! 
5. I've had this photo in my "wanted" folder for a year now! Love the sunrays, the golden finish and all the details! To bad it's out of my price-range! =)
6. I've wanted to do a photoshoot in a wild flowers field for a long time! Needs to happen asap! =)
7. Prints, prints, prints! 
8. Those tie-dye bell bottoms are crazy! Love how they follow the leg and just beneth the knee the go in a crazy, layered flare! Spot on! =)

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