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Some time ago me and the b'friend found some shells which we liked a lot but we had no idea what we would do with them yet. Couple of weeks ago I got the idea that we could make candles with the shells and we had that little project done this weekend! I was careful to take photos so I could make a "DIY" - tip for you guys, so here is what we used if you ever wnat to do-it-yourself! =)
Shells, the deep side prefferably so that you could fill the depth in with wax.
Old candles. You can also buy wax if you want, but we thought we could use our old candles in stead. You put the candles (wax) in a pot and than put a pot with water underneath. The wax will melt under the steam that is released when the water boils. The wax will become liquid and then you'll know that it's time to pour it in the shells!
Candle wicks. I found these at Panduro. The ones with the metal piece are to be preffered since we are not making a long candle, they'll sit better and are much shorter.
Hot glue the candle wicks to the shells to ensure they will sit where you want them to and that they don't start moving later when you pour the hot wax.
When the wax has melted pour it directly into the shell. If you want the candles to be ready and to be cooled quickly put them in the fridge, otherwise let them stay out for a while. It took less than an hour for these to cool since there wasn't much wax in the shell and the cooling surface was wide.
If you want you can put scented oil in the wax while it's been melted, we didn't use any since the candles we melted were already scented.
The candles are ready to be lit now and below you see photos of how they look! Tell me what you think !!! =)
They fit perfectly with the rest of our interior, don't you think ?!?

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