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Finally! After a long time of just sitting and dreaming about Spelldesigns.com's awesome fringe bags I decided to put the matter in my own hands and clicked one home! I got this one from Kyssjohanna,se and I'm more than satisfied! Love the soft leather, the beaded front, the long fringe and the tassels! I've got my dream bag which will be a friend for life! =)
What do you think ?!?

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  • j säger:

    love it! :D

    2012-09-29 | 23:03:21
  • lizzy säger:

    oh!! so glad you got yourself one babe! can't wait to see you rock'n it! XX Lizzy


    Svar: thank you so much! I love my new bag, you'll see a lot of it! ;)

    2012-10-01 | 12:15:39
    >>Blog adress<<: http://spellsjewellery.blogspot.com.au/

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