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Recently, I found out about a new fashion site in Macedonia, called Mojagarderoba.mk. The name of the site means "My wardrobe" and it is the first online place where you can buy and sell your used clothes and accessories! 
This is amazing since it is a great way to show care for the envitoment and lower the textile waste in the world. Recycling clothes and buying second hand and vintage is the best way of doing it!
I encourage all my Macedonian readers to take a look at the page and try to create an account, or take a look at what everyone is selling at the moment! You might earn some cash to buy that shirt you wanted a while, or you might find the tee you wanted which was sold out in store! 
Don't forget to check out Mojagarderoba's blog as well, where you can read a lot about the latest trends, DIY's, interviews with fashion designers, health and beaty tips and lot more!

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