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Recently I've received questions about where I get my inspiration from and what my favorite blogs are.
~This time I've chosen three of my favorite blogs to share with you! These are the blogs that I follow - read them every day, their blogs, as well as their Instagram and Facebook.
These three are a huge inspiration source of mine and I hope that they can inspire you too!
~What blogs do you read? Share your favorites! =)
Spell and the Gypsy collective, or Spell Designs is an Australian (Byron Bay) based label behind which stand Spelly and Lizzy, two amazing free spirits and sisters!
I remember when I first discovered Spell&TheGypsy Collective... It was like I was diving in in a vast sea of endless inspiration! Image after image, the blog is a joy to browse through... I always wait for the new Look Book posts impatiently, since these girls always deliver! Whenever I go through these posts I do them with a lots of "Ah"-s and "Oh"-s and "Oooo"-s. 
I love being able to look behind my favorite label, see the creativity in action, what inspires the sisters to create such amazing pieces and who they are as people! 
 ~Don't miss out, give them a visit and fall inlove!
Found Leana on Instagram last fall! She got me hooked immediately with her mermaid style! Based in Australia, she fills her Instagram with lovley and oh-so-inspirational "flat-layouts" of her outfits! Cream, crochet and shells (as well as sunflowers ;) are the key-words I could use to describe her style! 
In the beginning of this year, Leana created a blog, a joy for all of us, her Instagram-followers! There she updates with her outfits, flat layouts and inspirational photos!
~If there is a secret mermaid hidden inside of you, or you just like shells, croshet and cream, visit her blog and get hooked you as well! =)
Gypsy Lovin Light is a Australian based gypsy soul. I discovered Helen thorugh Instagram as well. She turned into a favorite and a true inspiration in no time. Every post of hers has a story behind it, told to us through Helen's outfits all through her jewellery, accessories and the amazing locationsshe shoots her looks at!
Then, there are the amazingly spiritual and filled with light and love - texts that she writes, that really make you stop and think - and I love that!
~What are you waiting for? Get illumanted!

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