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photography - Stefan Tasevski
styling&photo editing - Me
top - DIY
necklaces - DIY // Madlady.se // Macedonia
belt - Asos.com
bag - Glitter
skirt - Riverisland.com
bracelets - Accessora.se // Indiska // Dealextreme.com
rings - Madlady.se // Present // Nelly.com
boots - Nelly.com

"White is the color of purity and clarity. Although the hue is crisp and clean, it actually represents the presence of every color in the spectrum; wholeness and completion. It symbolizes innocence and naiveté, setting the tone for a fresh start; a new beginning. It’s the perfect color for spring, as spring is a time when new life comes to be.

-Those who favor white are often confident and self-sufficient with a positive, optimistic mindset. If you feel a connection to white, it may be due to the peace of mind it brings about." - via Free People Blog

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