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Here are my latest loves on my Fashiolista profile ! As you see, there is a lot of denim cutoffs, patterns, crochet, feathers, and jewelry. If you want to know where you can purchase something, check out my fashiolista here!


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taken with Instagram @ivannascloset

I've seen it on so many street-style blogs, during the fashion weeks and tought it was very cool! That is why I decided to try it and it turned out pretty awesome! Don't you think ?!?


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Just wanted to let you know that I started to use Instagram a couple of weeks ago! =))) Yes...me too! =)
You can follow me there if you want to see today's details before everyone else, what I do during the day and even some home decor inspiration, which is one of my big interests, but does not come up so frequently on the blog!
Search for Ivanna'sCloset! =) Hope we'll see eachother there! =)))


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After blogging about this dress yesterday, lovely Ann-Sofie shared a great tip with me. Namely, Gina Tricot has filled in the web-shop and an aztec print skirt is to be found there now. It didn't take long until the skirt was in my shopping bag, and since I already missed a smiliar (but in black and white), I wasn't taking any chances!
Can't wait to match it with low boots, a cropped tee, round shades and a lot of jewelry! Or maybe even with a top in the same print, find it here.
What do you think ?!?


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Exactly! My "go to" piece, the shorts, but in a crochet version and a very nice price! Nothing wrong with beautiful, budget garments!
You can get these @ H&M for only 199 SEK, and if you are a memeber, you get a 10% discount! How great isn't that ?!?


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Yes! Now I've gone and made my own fashiolista!
I love the way it works, since now I can have all my favourite pieces at one place, with their price and web-shop, so they are all reachable at any time for everyone!
Come on now, check it out, follow me and make your own here! =)


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collage by me; pictures H&M;

I am a huge fan of Fashion Against Aids, the special collection H&M releases every spring, where 25% of the purchase goes to fighting against spreading HIV/AIDS.
Always loved what the collection has to offer, though I was a bit disappointed last year. However, this year the FAA-collection looks amazing and I would like to own 99% of it since it has clear etno-inspired pieces, but my money will surely go for the fringe-dress (suprised ?!? :), the denim shorts with the pattern pockets and the feather headband. Might end up buying some other things too...but now, the only thing left is to save some money and eagrly await the 26th of April, since that is the date when you'll be able to get this things at the store (Divided) and online!
Can't wait!!! Do you have any favourites ?!?


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Hello girls! Hope you still remeber to check my blog-shop at shopivannascloset.blogg.se !!! If not, do it....I 'll have some new pieces droping in soon! =)
Hope you find something you like!
Have a great one! Xoxo


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34. Print this out and put it near your working space...read when creativity is fading =)))
At least that's what I'll do...Don't know about you, but I always feel more creative and dare to do things in spring/summer and beginning of autumn. It feels like dark and cold weather just suck out my energy and desire to do things!
Every year it is the same and I'm trying to change that, I am noticing progress, though there's a huge difference when sun and summer arrive...


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via Free People's blog

We've all seen the metallic cuffs in silver/gold that are used as hair decoration.Those may be perfect for the ones that are drawn to the metallic / minimalist trend and style...and that's something that hasn't cought my eye since is not my style.
These are perfect, they feel more bohemian, with etno vibes, and they do fit my personal style more.
What do you think ?!? Are they a better alternative ?!?
You'll find these at freepeople.com


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pictures: stylebytyra.se; collage: by me

Checked out stlebytyra.se the other day and saw that they have a lot of news in the jewellery section! These are the ones I fell for the most! Silver and turquoise are a perfect marriage if you ask me, I like the cross bangle a lot and my search for a triangle pendant necklace is over!
All of these are already on my s/s 12 wishlist! =)


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via missguided.co.uk; collage by me
You all know how much I liked (still do!) Isabel Marant's a/w 11 collection. Have had my eye on those "Renell" jeans with native patterns on the sides,that I blogged about here(<---click) but for my student economy that meant - keep dreaming....until, I found a budget version!!! Imagine the happinnes!!!
You'll find them at missguided.co.uk for a price of around 300 SEK! How amazing is that! As soon as my shop-stop is over (the end of january) I'm clicking a pair home! Ah can't wait!


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I've recently discovered a new web-shop, called meinto.se and tought I'll share it with you all! The site is pretty amazing since they sell everything from clothing, to bags and shoes, watches and jewelry and home-decoration even. Besides that, you'll find that the price range is pretty various too and you can shop pieces all from budget brands like Vila, Cheap Monday and VeroModa, to our swedish favorites like Rodebjer, Ida Sjöstedt and Acne, all to way to world renowned names like Alexander McQueen, Roberto Cavalli and Valentino.
In the collage you see some of my favorite pieces from the shop. I'd love to welcome 2012 wearing that amazing, bohemian-chic, sparkly dress, and I just can't let go of the tought of the patterned cardigan and how cozy and warm it looks!
Go and check it out yourself here ---> meinto.se!


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Hello my friends!
I just wanted to inform you that I've filled in on some more pieces to sell at shopivannascloset.blogg.se!
Now you'll find more dresses, knits, shoes and bags! Check it out (click me)! There might be something! =)
Nighty night!


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photo: asos.com; collage: by me

Asos' big midseason sale has started! These are my favorites!!!
Don't you wish that sometimes money grew on trees ?!? I do! =)


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I started to clean out my closet the moment I came back from Macedonia. Decided that everything I haven't worn in a long time and everything that I had worn couple of times and not anymore was to be sold!
Now, finally, I took my time and I've put it all for sale on a separate blog that's called shopivannascloset.blogg.se , click <--- to get there!
I've put a lot of new things there too, so go ahead and have a look! There might be something for you too!
P.S. I've put up a direct link to shopivannascloset.blogg.se on this blog too! You'll find at on the right side as the last one between all the others links! =)


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I follow many blogs, known and unknown...but one that I have to check on daily basis is Spell&TheGypsyCollective! Love the inspiration and the jewellery they make...not to talk about their editorials that you can often see posten on my blog too!!! =)
Check them out here (<--- click!)!!!


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The best way to make a cropped tee is to find an old t-shirt which is one size bigger and then cut it as short as you want your tee to be! Mine are just below my belly-button! =) I've cut the collar on them both and rolled up their sleeves! Perfect summer solution for high-waisted jeanshorts! =)


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top images - Google; red shorts photos - me; collage - me

Since I saw Blamains collection with safety pinned denim jackets and shorts, I decided I'll have a piece of clothing in my wardrobe just like that! =)
I've had these red shorts for a while now...those are the ones I'll transfrom soon! They aren't going to be an exact copy of Balmians', but more like my interpretation of it! Can't wait for the result! =)


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Remember this ?!? .... Closer look is coming soon! =)))