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Accessorize! More is more....at least in my book =) Here's a bunch of inspirational detail shots on a rainy, Tuesday afternoon! What do you think babes ?!?


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Use Saturday to get out, get lost and get creative !!!


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I really feel like I need to get away in a warm place, where the sun is shining the whole day, put on my boots, denim cut outs and my leather jacket and go on a road trip!  Ah, how I wish!


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All of these outfits are very different, but they all have details and interpretation that I love. Like the mix of pattern and material in the firts one, the colour scheme and the accessories on the second one and the inspiration and styling on the last outfit. I would deffinitely come back to these photos for inspiration soon since all of these touch very closely to where my style is directed.


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Be wild, live free....Here comes some Friday inspiration your way. Use this weekend to do something you love and that makes you happy, don't waste a minute! =)


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Details are very important to me when it comes to styling of an outfit. Whether if its jewelry, a scarf wrapped around the bag or rolled up sleeves...those are the things that live up your outfit, show your personality and make your outfit - you! Tumblr is one of those places where you can get overflow of close up shots and this is my "go to "point when I need some inspiration for an outfit! Sometimes it all starts with the details! =)


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Category: Find Your Inspiration!

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1. Shell and sea star jewlery! It's like little Ariel has awakened inside me and I just want to dress my body and clothes with shells!!! Next on the list is a sea-star ring! =)
2. Flare jeans, corduroy and patchwork...this pair of bell bottoms from Free People are perfection!
3. Sandy beaches, salty air and warm sun....that's what I'm craving for at the moment!
4. Tattoes, if I get one, it will be on the ankle of my left foot with somekind of feather motif!
5. Prints and patterns, matching different ones in an outfit! The key is to have a base piece and background in the same colour!
6. Braids! I believe in braids, in different kind of presentation, as the hair style of this and the coming season! Experiment with your hair! Braid on! =)
7. Boots, Kelim inspired ones, with native printed textile from the ankle up.


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That I love turquoise and silver is no secret to you all, but something I've been on the look out for lately, is antique silver cuffs, rings, necklaces with a real turquoise stone! They always feel more special and usually there aren't two of a kind, which I love! if you know where I could be able to find something similar to this, let me know! =)


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Some Friday inspiration coming your way! To fill the batteries this weekend! 
Be wild, live free...like a gypsy!


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If you ask me a bag is the perfect accessorie a girl could have (even though I'm a shoe-kind-of-person)! You should own one for different occasions, casual, school, work and going out. Personally, I have a more "casual" style so I like the "crossbody" bags, prefferably with fringe and some tassels, stones, emroideries and prints....like those you see in the collage above!
What do you think babes?!? Is the bag something you invest in or you go more for the shoes, or maybe something compeletely different ?!? Tell me! =)


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I love a great jacket! It's the key piece for every outfit since we wear jackets quite often! It can make or break an outfit in a second. Especially in the fall/winter seasons, the perfect coat makes a great outfit piece on its own, you complete it with great accessories as the sunglasses, bag, gloves and shoes and you're done. Lately I've gone completely crazy about embelished, embroidered and jackets with a print! My next buy would be a leather/suede jacket with some embroidery! So rad! 
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I've had this photo of Poppy Delevigne in my inspiration folder for a very long time! The perfect bohemian chic outfit for colder weather, and here in Gothenburg is getting colder by the minute! Love how she paired the colourful faux fur vest with matching colour, kelim-inspired boots, light blue jeans and a sheer, white blouse! Complete bohemian perfection and I almost have to try something similar to this with pieces from my closet! Perfect for this season! =) What do you think sweeties ?!?


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Besides collecting inspirational photos of entire rooms and their decor, I have a look out for small details, prints, materials, colours! This moodboard is a collection of some of those photos and point in the right direction of how I want my home to look like...What do you think ?!?


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Flares! I've had a period where I loved them, then felt nothing about them and now I feel how my love for them is coming back! But I don't want the classic denim ones, I'd like them patterned, patchworked, crochet or in lace! They should be really thight until the knee and then, below the knee they flare open! Amazing! Here are two looks featuring flares which are not in blue denim and I love them! Love the styling as well! Too bad we're going into a rainy perion right now and rain does not go well with flaers, but they can be the perfect piece fro spring/summer....something worth thinking about!
What do you think babes? Do you prefer the denim flares or are flares not your thing at all ?!? Love to hear what you have to say! =)


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I love antique jewlery! ItThey always look so special and a lot of work lays behind it! I love the fact that the jewlery always looks so heavy even though it doesn't have to be! One thing is for sure...you'll always make a statement and are the only one with it! =)


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I love shells! Big, small...you name it! Another thing I love is shell jewelry, accessories and home decoration! Yeah, you can go and buy all this in different stores today, but I feel that it's more fun to ream around a beach near the sea/ocean and collect them yourself, don't you ?!? I have some accessories froms shells (that you can see here), but I would like some more bracelets, but also some home decor...time to plan a beach vacation maybe ?!? =)
P.S. if you know a place where I could buy some shell chandelliers (like on the photot above) please share! I would really like to have one at home! =)


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photos by: Amanda Leigh Smith (www.aleighsmith.com)
styled by/model: Mariah Makalapua for Medicine and Headdress
HMUA: Danielle Solis
clothing provided by: Animal Traffic Vintage www.animaltrafficpdx.com
What an inspirational bunch of photos!! Don't you agree?!? Love the wildness, the ruffness as well as the powerful feel one get's while looking at them!


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I love horses, there is something so gracefull and wise, yet wild and free about them that's not so hard to admire! This is why I really love horses in fashion editorials or any other fashion form. It makes the shot magnificent and complete whenever used!  What do you think ?!?


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It's Friday and the weekend has finally started! I really needed to just lie on the sofa, get cosy with Bruno and the b'friend, eat a bunch of candy and watch movies! I am extremely tired after a long week at work so I didn't manage to take photos of today's outfit, so I'm sending you a bunch of inspirational photos of what inspires me these days!