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It's actually more of an "autumn/winter" style list, but since winter is not here yet..."my autumn style list" it is! =) What my  autumn staple piece is, what I'll be accessorizing with this season, what materials I like to mix or what color on my nails I'm going to wear this winter...you can read about all of this below. Enjoy!
 When autumn arrives, my starting pint of an outfit is this thought: "What jacket am I wearing today?" And at the end, it all really comes to the jacket, weather it's raining, blowing, or if it's sunny, but still crispy in the air. Jackets are my autumn staple piece. Since it is the thing everyone notices the first time they see you, it's important to leave a good impression =) 
The jacket above is my absolute favorite! Got it from Laredoute.cse last year and I completely love it...especially the print! 
 Nothing new at the "bag-front" here, it's still fringe that is the "key-word", this time you can also add, suede, tassels and beads, as my new beauty from Madlady.se is a favorite!
 Until winter oficially arrives and everything is covered in snow and it's time to activate my beloved Dr. Marten's, I'll spend my autumn in my ankle boots. Most often, they have a cowboy touch - and studs or chains as decoration. On the photo above you see my newest and best pair of cowboy boots - deffinitely spending my autumn in them!
My favorite autumn accessories are the "head pieces". I love wearing hats and autumn is the perfect season for my favorite, fedora hat. Then, as we go into winter I like to mix it up with knitted headbands or beanies! 
This knitted headband is new and it's from GinaTricot.
 This season is all about layering necklaces. It's my new thing...I went from wearing one statement necklace, to layering two or three, small chain necklaces. I also discovered that when you get the trick with layering necklaces, you can get more daring - and start mixing statement pieces as well. It's so much fun and you can always express your style or send a message with a broad variety of pendants.
blouse&boots&ring with red stone - Topshop.com; hat - GinaTricot; necklace - Forever21.com; jeans - Lindex; feather ring - H&M; bag - Karmastyle.se
 I made this collage in September last year (here) and as I was going through my archive, searching for some inspiration, I saw it again. This is a typical autumn/winter outfit for me. A lace blouse, paired with patched jeans (or flares), lots of jewelry, a statement bag and cool boots. So, no wonder that last year's autumn inspiration outfit is as well, this year's outfit inspo!  =)
 I'm usually inspired by the nature, people on the street, certain mix of pattern and color that I see while passing by the trees. I also love getting inspiration from my favorite labels, their look books as well as the posts on their blogs. The photo above is from Free People's September Look Book and it describes exactly how I want to look this season.
 My love for paisley print is growing every day  and I always get inspired whenever I see this print, wether it's on a piece of clothing, wall paper or a nice cup, it alays has my sensors sunning. So when I saw this blouse at Ellos.se I couldn't resist it! Loved the color palette ( so right now, right!) and the collar, then I imagined it with a pair if flared jeans, lots of bangles and necklaces, a fringe vest and before you knew it - I had clicked it home! ;)
As I've already said, jackets are my favorite to wear during this season and that is why they need to be a bit more special. I want a jacket similar to the one on the left to be my bff during the cold days of this season. It breathes the real 70's bohemian vibe and that just makes me go bananas for it! I found this one on Etsy.com, but it had sold out! If you know where I can find one like the one above, or you have a jacket like this and are selling, please contact me: ivannasclosetblogg@hotmail.com, since I've been looking for a jacket like this for a month now and still can't find one! 
The boots, on the other hand, are from Laredoute.se and they have a special place in my heart from the moment I saw them. Seriously, what's not to love about them? Hopefully they'll be on my feet pretty soon! ;)

 It's no secret that I love nailpolish, but I noticed that recently I'm drawn to two shades moslty. These are shades of brown and blue. On the photo above you see all the version of brown and blue polishes I have and love wearing. Gold, copper, cream or hazelnut work great, as well as turquoise, teal, mint or deep, royal blue.
What color is the nailpolish you'll be wearing this season ?!?
I challenge everyone who has read this list to make their own, if you want and feel like it of course, and than share the link of your post in a comment below - I'd love to read your autumn style lists! 
Love to you all!

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