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fringe cardigan - H&M; top - Mate Vintage; hat - Lindex; bracelets - JC // Dealextreme.com // Indiska; necklaces - Madlady.se // Chippewa Blackbird; rings - Carrooco.se // H&M // Nelly.com // GinaTricot // Present; pheasant feather earrings - Carrooco.se; skirt - Spelldesigns.com; boots - Bubbleroom.se
" I just want to go on more adventures. Be around good energy. Connect with people. Learn new things...Grow. "
~ Unknown


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lace blouse - Madlady.se; necklaces - DIY // Tradera; dreamcatcher necklace - H&M; candles - Candle Yankee; pants - Custom made; nailpolish - Depend; fringe bag - Madlady.se; turquoise gem-stone tree - DIY by my b'friend (tree is for sale!); rings - Tara // Carrooco.se // JHshop.se //  DIY // GinaTricot // Nelly.com // H&M; bracelets - DIY // H&M // Indiska // Accessora.se // Gekås; boots - Ellos.se

" A combination of blue and a small amount of yellow, it fits in on the color scale between green and blue. It radiates the peace, calm and tranquility of blue and the balance and growth of green with the uplifting energy of yellow.This is a color that recharges our spirits during times of mental stress and tiredness, alleviating feelings of loneliness. You only have to focus on the color turquoise, whether on a wall or clothing and you feel instant calm and gentle invigoration, ready to face the world again! "

Read more here ---> Color Psychology



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hat - Lindex; feather necklace - Madlady.se; crochet cardigan - Ellos.se; necklaces - Madlady.se // DIY // Nelly.com; flares - Rebecca Stella for Nelly.com; dreamcatcher necklace - Regenbågen; bracelets - Dealextreme.com // JC // Ellos.se // DIY // Gekås // Fashionjar.blogg.se; belt - Asos.com; rings - Nelly.com // Tara // Indiska // H&M // Nelly.com // DIY; clucth - DIY
As we enter fall I like to put a isde my playful, summery hippie-chic style and lean more towards theo bohemian vibe instead. I love the fact that I get to play with layers, mix materials and textures, compose with colors...all that becomes more interesting when styling an outfit. The key is to look comfortable and chic, but yet express your creativity and be yourself. 
So here is how I'd style an autumn outfit perfect for an afternoon cup of coffee in town with your friends.
What do you think ?!?


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faux fur vest - Gekås; earrings - Carrooco.se; nailpolish - Depend // H&M; belt - Vintage; necklaces - Indiska // Glitter // Madlady.se // H&M; crochet dress - H&M; bracelets - Gekås // Dealextreme.com // DIY // Fashionjar.blogg.se // Indiska; rings - Tara // Indiska // H&M // Madlady.se // Nelly.com // GinaTricot; dreamcatcher - Regenbågen; boots - Ellos.se

Summer has officially faded away. Grey, gloomy and rainy weather has taken over and the only bright spots left are the golden leaves on the ground that are slowly dancing their way down from the trees. I'm not letting go of summer that easily and I'll try to mix and match my summer wardrobe with warmer clothes until I can. Here is one of the stylings I have in mind: a crochet dress (one summer staple), paired with a faux fur vest, a lot of jewelry and a pair of Isabel Marant - inspired booties. All in whites and creams, my favorite combination, as you might have guessed :) A perfect boho-chic outfit for the early autumn days.


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shell necklaces - Vintage // Presents // Tradera // DIY; turquoise pendant necklace - Present; turquoise stone necklace - Bansko/Bulgaria; nailpolish - Depend; bracelets - DIY // Indigo // Indiska; handpiece - Indiska; shell bracelets - Greece // Street vendor // H&M; dreamcatcher earring - Chippewa Blackbird; lace skirt - Vila; rings - Presents // H&M // Street vendor // Carrooco.se; shell rings - Greece; amethyst crystal ring - DIY; shell belt - Vintage; fringe bag - Spelldesigns via Kyssjohanna.se
" Ah, summer, what power you have, to make us suffer and like it !"
~ Russell Baker
I'm a real summer child! I love summer and everything that comes with it. The long days and the long nights that turn into days, the delicious fruits, the road trips and vacations, being wild and free...and the heat...Ah, the heat - I love warm weather! I've always said that I'd rather have extreme heat than extreme cold...rather have less clothes than layers of clothes on me, haha. 
The crisp air is slowly creeping in on us, here in Sweden and I can feel the last breath of summer slowly fading away.
 ~This is my Ode to summer!


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fringe vest - Chapnlle.com; necklaces - DIY // Chippewa Blackbird // Fashionell.se // Nelly.com; paisley flares - Handmade Edenbracelets - Legend/Macedonia // Kara Artcoin handpiece - Riverisland.com; dreamcatcher - Regenbågenfeather&fringe clutch - DIYrings - TARA // Indiska // H&M // Madlady.se // Nelly.com // GinaTricot // DIY; boots - Bubbleroom.com
"Fashion is not something that exists in dresses only. Fashion is in the sky, in the street...Fashion has to do with ideas, the way we live, what is happening."
~ Coco Chanel
Fringe and feathers, crystals and sunflowers, dreamcatchers, paisley print bell-bottoms and cowboy boots. Overload of jewellery...you can never have enough necklaces and rings, and lately I've become obsessed with handpieces as well. Just pile it on - but do it with flavor!
This wish-outfit-flat-layout couldn't be more me! It has all the elements that describe who I am and my style. Boho-chic, with hippie vibes, some gypsy spirit and (always) rock'n roll!
>>> Be Wild. Be Free. Be You <<<


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lace top - Laredoute.se; belt - Levi's; denim shorts - Nelly.com; feather phone case - BikBok; necklaces(left to right) - Nelly.com // Madlady.se // DIY // Market; rings - Market // Present // TARA // Indiska // Madlady.se; shoes - Minnetonka via Kyssjohanna.com; bracelets - NewYorker // Gekås // Fashionjar.blogg.se // DIY // Lindex // H&M // Present; bag - Second Hand

This one is for those hot, summer days, when you're out and about in the city, weather is shopping time, a coffee date with your friends or a picknick in the park! A flowy top that leaves the skin to breathe matched with high-waisted, denim shorts - my "go-to" item every summer! Some accessories, comfortable shoes, a bag and you are ready to go! 
~White is perfect during the sunny days, since it reflects the sunrays and you don't get as warm ;) On top of it, white + brown is my favorite color combination during summer! =)



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crochet dress - Gekås; coin headpiece - DIY // coin necklace - Insidka; fringe bag - Glitter; feather earrings - Madlady.se; necklaces - H&M // Glitter // DIY; coin handpiece - Riverisland.com; dreamcatcher - Regebågen; belt - Vintage; bracelets - Indiska // Dealextreme.com // Accessora.se; rings - TARA // Indiska // Madlady.se // H&M // JC // GinaTricot // Nelly.com; boots - Bubbleroom.se

Every summer has a story they say, and I have but to agree! Even though I try to "spice it up" a bit, every summer cannot pass without live gigs and after parties with great people and music until dawn! Those are the nights that we continue the live gig long after it has officially ended! Aw! I look forward for nights that turn into days, even this summer! ;)
~Black and brown is a perfect combination for nights like these (you don't have to care for stains from the crowd ;). I'd go for a black, crochet dress as a base and then use brown accessories, don't forget the bag, you'll need a place to put your accessories at! Boots is always a choise in my book, but if you going to spend most of your night standing up - you need to do it in comfortable shoes! ;)


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fringe dress - Ellos.se; belt - SecondHand  , bracelets - Dealextreme.com // Accessora.se // Indiska; coin handpiece - Riverisland.com; rings - Nelly.com // H&M // Carrooco.se // Tara // Madlady.se // GinaTricot // DIY; necklaces - DIY // GinaTricot // Glitter // Madlady.se // Nelly.com; sunflower headbands - Riverisland.com;
"It is not while beauty and youth are thine own,
And thy cheeks unprofaned by a tear,
That the fervor and faith of a soul may be known,
To which time will but make thee more dear!
Oh the heart that has truly loved never forgets,
But as truly loves on to the close,
As the sunflower turns to her god when he sets
The same look which she turned when he rose!"
~ Thomas Moore

Sunflowers are my favorite flowers! Love how big and bright they are, how my face lites up whenever I see one, or a whole filed for that matter! =) 
It is more than obvious where these happy flowers have got their name from and while putting this outfit together I thought of the Sun as a female...Goddes of the Sun, from the Sun, the Sun herself!  Embelished with the flowers that follow her every step and protected by her armour of bracelets, necklaces and rings with crystals and precious gem-stones...all in different tones and shades of gold. She stands tall, she stands firm, reflecting the full force of the Sun's energy.


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lace tunic - Gekås/Ullared; flower crown - BikBok; necklaces - Second Hand // DIY; shorts - GinaTricot; bracelets - Dealextreme.com // Ellos.se // Indiska // Accessora.se; rings - H&M // Madlady.se // TARA // Nelly.com // Carrooco.se // GinaTricot; boots - Bubblerrom.se

Here is some inspiration for the "the perfect summer outfit" for those of you who are drawn to the boho/hippie-inspired style! No matter if itt is shopping time with the girlfriends, a date night with your love or a stroll on the beach....you are ready to go...looking stunning!
Well...this is if you ask me! I could live in this through out the summer! 


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earrings - Madlady.se; candle - Yankees Candles; shades - Monki; dress - Romwe; bag - Glitter: necklaces - DIY // Fashionell.se // Chippewa Blackbird // Glitter // Madlady.se; belt - H&M; book - Element Encyclopedia of Secret Signs and Symbols by Adele Nozedar; rings - Mi Lajki // Madlady.se // H&M // Carrooco.se // Present // JC // Nelly.com; bracelets - Fashionjar.blogg.se // DIY // NewYorker // Gekås/Ullared; boots - Ellos.se

The moment I saw this dress at Romwe.com I had this combination in mind! It's a perfect dress for that summer night, taking a walk on the dock or sipping wine and listening to good music...all in good friends! 
Ah...I can't wait! 


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black crochet vest - Macedonia; fringe top - DIY; necklaces - Stylebytyra.se // DIY // Nelly.com // Vintage-a.com; bracelets - GinaTricot // Indiska // Poland // Dealextreme.com // Accessora.se // Indigo; bag - Second Hand; skirt - GinaTricot; cat-eye sunglasses - Lindex; rings - H&M // Asos // Macedonia // Indiska // Glitter // DIY // Presents; fringe boots - Ellos.se

Something I've added to my wardrobe through the last year or so is print! I've always find it eye-catching, cool and different, but never tried myself! Trust me, when you dare to take the next step, you feel so much lighter and happier afterwards. Print, especially native and tribal inspired, is something I believe in strongly for this summer! I, myself, will wear it in every way possible, tops, skirts, pants, bags....you name it...and here is how I'd style the printed skirt! =)


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lace top&belt&fringe boots - H&M; shorts - Levi's; fringe bag - Glitter; shades - Monki; bracelets - Fashionjar.blogg.se // H&M // Present // Lindex; rings - DIY // Present // H&M; feather earring - DIY; necklaces - DIY // Madlady.se // JC

Posted this "flat layout outfit" last year in july (here), the post being titled "Summer Essentials". I'm posting it now again, since these ARE my summer essentials. Eventhough, I like wearing dresses, skirts, prints....my "go to" items, every summer is a pair of denim, cut-out shorts, a crop top (this is where the variation comes, but I prefer, white/black lace/crochet or a cool, printed top), pair of minnetonkas or other booties, a fringe bag and lots and lots of jewellery (as always ;)...
Hope summer comes quick enough, because I can't wait to stroll around town, dressed like this!
So, tell me about your sumer essentials! Are you a short or skirt kind of a girl?!? What are you "go to" items for this summer ?


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hat - H&M; bracelets - Street vendor // Secon Hand; dress - Gekås/Ullared; necklaces - Various markets, second hand shops and presents; nailpolish - H&M // Depend // Macedonia; book - Gypset Travel by Julia Chaplin; 

Inspired by Free People's latest catalogue (see here), I pulled together an outfit that I see myself wearing this summer. The dress is so flowy and light which makes it the perfect piece to wear while taking a walk on the beach, feeling the warm sand between my toes, the wind in my hair and the sound of the ocean! This all topped off with a Pina Colada in one hand and my love in the other! 

>><<>><< FESTIVAL READY >><<>><<

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hat - Lindex; tee&belt - GinaTricot; bag - JFR.se; necklaces - Vintage-a.com // JC // DIY; rings - Macedonia // Present // Glitter // Tradera // DIY // Alottalove.se; bracelets - Present // GinaTricot // Accessora.se // Dealextreme.com; lace up shorts - H&M New Icons; boots - SecondHand

It's time for the second weekend at Coachella and I really wish I was there! A festival in the middle of a California desert...doesn't get any better than that! =) Anyways...if I were there, this would be one of my looks! What do you think ?!?


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necklace - Macedonia; shades - Monki; bag&shell belt - SecondHand; bikini - Halens.se; shorts - Nelly.com; hat&boots - H&M; bracelets - NewYorker // DIY // H&M // Lindex // Present

I'm completely in love with my new, crochet bikini from Halens.se!!! Love the pattern and the decorative beads! I can just imagine how awesome it would look when Iäm tanned! Just adore the chockolaty brown! And then, you all know how easily I fall for the brown + white combination...which lead to this outfit post! =) Can't wait for a thay in the sun dressed just like this!

<--- . ---> HIGHWAY TO HELL <---.--->

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fringe cardigan - BikBok; fringe top - Missäy; earrings - Macedonia // Carrooco.se; necklaces - Second Hand // BikBok: skirt - Spelldesigns.com; clutch - Rut&Circle; shades - Fashionell.se; bracelets - Indiska // GinaTricot // Dealextreme.com // Street Vendor // Indigo; rings - Macedonia // Market // Glitter // Madlady.se; boots - Bubbleroom.com
It's all about fringe, feathers and layers and layers of stacket bracelets, rings and necklaces. Did anybody say party ?!?

...:::... TURQUOISE DREAMS ...:::...

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bell-sleeved top - Only (Seconf Hand); necklaces - DIY // Present // Greece // Forever21.com // Presentshorts - Romwe.com; rings - Carrooco.se // JC // Presents // Market // H&M; dreamcatcher earring - Chippewa Blackbird; bag - Spelldesigns; boots - Melba.se
I love turquoise. It's a color I don't usually blend into my clothing, but my jewelry and the small enterior design pieces at home....are an "overflow" of turquoise! Here is an "at the beach vs. under the sea" inspired outfit! What do you think ?!?


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hat - Lindex; crochet cardi&bag - Ellos.se; necklaces - JC // Madlady.se // Vintage-a.com // Second Hand; bracelets - Dealextreme.com // Accessora.se // Street vendor // Fashionjar.blogg.se // DIY; shorts - GinaTricot; boots - Nelly.com

My favourite thing about summer are all the roadtrips we do! Love sitting in the car, having the windows down so that the wind sweeps through the hair, listen to our favourite album from Led Zeppelin and swallowing the highway to our next destination! 


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lace&fringe tunic - Vila; beaded belt - Asos; lace pants - River Island; shades - Monki; necklace - Nelly.com; fringe bag - Spelldesigns via Kyssjohanna.se; bracelets - NewYorker // DIY // Lindex // H&M // Present

I'm so happy I found these lace pants at Riverisland.com a while ago! The perfect pants for a chilly afternoon and a walk on the beach or a cup of coffee in town with your bff's! Matchig lace with feathers, fringe and beads in colours screams boho-perfection and always scores in my world! What do you think ?!?