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1. H&M; 2.+ 3. Zara; 4. Custom Made by Handmade Eden; 5. Halens.se; 6. Ellos.se
After I wrote this sentence: " As my love for paisley grows, so does the number of paisley printed garments in my closet. " in this post here (click), I decided to actually check this out and this collage shows the result! I must admit that I am pleasantly surprised since I've "covered" quite a wide range of pieces, don't you think? ;)
I love the pailsey print! Love that it starts as a one small, tear drop, which meets with her sisters and together they create a lovely and colorful pattern. Since I love styling outfits with patterned pieces, the paisley is always an obvious choise! ;)


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I love "do-it-yourself". I love seeing other people do it and get inspired to try on my on, or just starting up my own projects and putting my vision to reality. I feel so crafty after completing a project and that ,makes me feel great, I've acomplished something. I share my passion for "DIY" with the b'friend, who is excellent in playing with wire and certain objects, like crystals and different precious stones and pendants. 
Here is what we have created recently (you can see some other jewelry here) and we have more projects going on, some  of which will be for you ;), but more on that later!
Hope you like it babes - tell me what you think !
Peace, Love and Sunflowers!


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It's actually more of an "autumn/winter" style list, but since winter is not here yet..."my autumn style list" it is! =) What my  autumn staple piece is, what I'll be accessorizing with this season, what materials I like to mix or what color on my nails I'm going to wear this winter...you can read about all of this below. Enjoy!
 When autumn arrives, my starting pint of an outfit is this thought: "What jacket am I wearing today?" And at the end, it all really comes to the jacket, weather it's raining, blowing, or if it's sunny, but still crispy in the air. Jackets are my autumn staple piece. Since it is the thing everyone notices the first time they see you, it's important to leave a good impression =) 
The jacket above is my absolute favorite! Got it from Laredoute.cse last year and I completely love it...especially the print! 
 Nothing new at the "bag-front" here, it's still fringe that is the "key-word", this time you can also add, suede, tassels and beads, as my new beauty from Madlady.se is a favorite!
 Until winter oficially arrives and everything is covered in snow and it's time to activate my beloved Dr. Marten's, I'll spend my autumn in my ankle boots. Most often, they have a cowboy touch - and studs or chains as decoration. On the photo above you see my newest and best pair of cowboy boots - deffinitely spending my autumn in them!
My favorite autumn accessories are the "head pieces". I love wearing hats and autumn is the perfect season for my favorite, fedora hat. Then, as we go into winter I like to mix it up with knitted headbands or beanies! 
This knitted headband is new and it's from GinaTricot.
 This season is all about layering necklaces. It's my new thing...I went from wearing one statement necklace, to layering two or three, small chain necklaces. I also discovered that when you get the trick with layering necklaces, you can get more daring - and start mixing statement pieces as well. It's so much fun and you can always express your style or send a message with a broad variety of pendants.
blouse&boots&ring with red stone - Topshop.com; hat - GinaTricot; necklace - Forever21.com; jeans - Lindex; feather ring - H&M; bag - Karmastyle.se
 I made this collage in September last year (here) and as I was going through my archive, searching for some inspiration, I saw it again. This is a typical autumn/winter outfit for me. A lace blouse, paired with patched jeans (or flares), lots of jewelry, a statement bag and cool boots. So, no wonder that last year's autumn inspiration outfit is as well, this year's outfit inspo!  =)
 I'm usually inspired by the nature, people on the street, certain mix of pattern and color that I see while passing by the trees. I also love getting inspiration from my favorite labels, their look books as well as the posts on their blogs. The photo above is from Free People's September Look Book and it describes exactly how I want to look this season.
 My love for paisley print is growing every day  and I always get inspired whenever I see this print, wether it's on a piece of clothing, wall paper or a nice cup, it alays has my sensors sunning. So when I saw this blouse at Ellos.se I couldn't resist it! Loved the color palette ( so right now, right!) and the collar, then I imagined it with a pair if flared jeans, lots of bangles and necklaces, a fringe vest and before you knew it - I had clicked it home! ;)
As I've already said, jackets are my favorite to wear during this season and that is why they need to be a bit more special. I want a jacket similar to the one on the left to be my bff during the cold days of this season. It breathes the real 70's bohemian vibe and that just makes me go bananas for it! I found this one on Etsy.com, but it had sold out! If you know where I can find one like the one above, or you have a jacket like this and are selling, please contact me: ivannasclosetblogg@hotmail.com, since I've been looking for a jacket like this for a month now and still can't find one! 
The boots, on the other hand, are from Laredoute.se and they have a special place in my heart from the moment I saw them. Seriously, what's not to love about them? Hopefully they'll be on my feet pretty soon! ;)

 It's no secret that I love nailpolish, but I noticed that recently I'm drawn to two shades moslty. These are shades of brown and blue. On the photo above you see all the version of brown and blue polishes I have and love wearing. Gold, copper, cream or hazelnut work great, as well as turquoise, teal, mint or deep, royal blue.
What color is the nailpolish you'll be wearing this season ?!?
I challenge everyone who has read this list to make their own, if you want and feel like it of course, and than share the link of your post in a comment below - I'd love to read your autumn style lists! 
Love to you all!


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1. Rebecca Stella for Nelly.com ;
2. Custom made by Handmade Eden;
3. Custom made

I've rediscovered my love for flared jeans and pants lately. They are the perfect key-piece for all of you that want to chanel the 70's boho-luxe vibe. Pair it with a flowy tunic and a belt or a top and fringe vest. High heels, fringe bag and a flopy hat will complete the boho-chic look! 


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1. Bubbleroom.se; 2. H&M; 3. Bubbleroom.se; 4. Ellos.se; 5. Scorett.se
Those of you who have been following my blog for a while know how much I love boots and I love wearing them no matter what season! I've made similar posts to this one before, where you could see more of my boots (here and here), but these are the latest addition to my boot-collection!
What do you think babes?  Got a favorite pair?


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1. DIY (bag originally from Rut&Circle);
2. Ellos.se;
3. JFR.se;
4. Spelldesigns via Kyssjohanna.se

A bag is a very practical and needed accessorie. We girls like to keep all our necessities ( a bunch of stuff you "might" need) at one place when we go out. The bag is also the accessorie that fulfills your outfit, just like your shoes. The right bag can make your outfit shine and others can weigh you down.
You can see some of my other bags here, and as you can notice I'm going more for the crossbody bags...wether they are printed, fringed or both - but they have to stand out. I love clutches, but wear them on rare occasions, only when I need my wallet, phone and lip-balm, otherwise it's the bags with more space that come to use.
So, tell me, what kind of bags do you like to wear guys?


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1. Indiska;
2. Riverisland.com;
3. Indiska;
4. Sheinside.com
Here is my small collection of handpieces! I love them all and I love findinig new ways of how to wear them and style them with other jewellery!


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 Counter Clockwise:
1. c/o Arnhem.co;
2. Bikbok;
3. H&M:
4. BikBok;
5. Vintage;
6. Ellos.se

Something I really treasure in my closet is my small, byt growing collection of kimonos. Kimono is such a great piece and I love them so much, especially since I can wear them as an accessorie. Whenever you feel that your outfit is boring, but you are not in the mood for piling up the jewellery, go for the kimono! It always gives thath extra feminine touch as well as the needed flow and movement of the outfit!
I trongly recommend investing in a couple of kimonos! Crocheted, flower printed or with fringe...a kimono will always do the trick! ;)


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1. Cowrie shells necklace - Tradera.com;
2. Broken shells necklace - SecondHand;
3. White, broken shells necklace - Tradera.com;
4. Snail shells necklace - Tradera.com;
5. Shells bracelet and rings - Greece

You guys that follow my blog know about my love for shells and that I'm actually, secetly a mermaid :D I've always had my eyes open in the search of shell jewellery! These are some of the latest additions to my small, but growing collection of shell jewellery. See some more here!


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It's been a long time since I posted an "At the moment"-list. So I decided to do one and sum up all the pieces, accessories and beauty trix that I'm into at this moment below. Hope you like it!
It's all about prints and patterns in my fashion book at the moment. It has been so for a while and it escalated now,as we entered this hotter and lighter season, especially printed blouses and tops.They are a great addition to a boho-chic feel in an outfit.
In the collage above you see my favorite, printed blouses. The two on the left are second hand treasures, originally from Zara, and the one on the right is from Ellos.se
 Yes, the same as for when it come to printed blouses. At the moment, I want my bags in bright-colored, native prints and fringe. 
 Even tough my heart will always beat harder for western inspired, cowboy boots, even during summer season, I've finally found the perfect pair of summer shoes! 
These loafers are relatively new. Minnetonka's Thunderbird II, the most comfortable shoes ever!
 I love jewellery, that's no secret. Lately I've hung up on different handpieces. Such a delicate piece of jewellery, both a ring and a bracelet in one. Makes you feel really feminine, since your wrists and hands come to attention. The perfect statement piece. 
In the collage above you see all my handpieces, a small but growing collection!
Something I could live in, season in - season out, are kimonos. Love them in every shape and size, prefferably with fringe. I've had my eye on a vintage, velvet brocade, long, fringed kaftan/kimono. A sage colored one, like this one from Salt Water Gypsy on Etsy is perfection. Paired with a lace top, high-wasted denim shorts and cowboy boots for a perfect boho/gypsy look!
 Yes! What you see it's true, your eyes do not decieve you. You might have noticed lately, on my outfit posts, that I've got some outgrown hair at the roots. A while ago I decided that I have to stop dying my hair, since it got thinner and I lost all the quality it had.
After couple of days being here, I booked a date with the hairdresser and after spending almost a whole day there, I came ut looking like this! I couldn't be more happier! Got my real hair-color back and cut off a lot of it as well!
What do you think babes? Really like to hear your opinion! :)
 I found this nailpolish during our visit in Macedonia this winter. I loved it from the moment I saw it, it has the perfect blue-green-glitter mermaid shade! I really do feel like a mermaid while wearing it - the perfect nail-polish for summer!
~How does you "At the moment" list look like? 'd really love to read them all if you make one, so please feel free to share them!
Lots of love! xx


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Rose quartz ring & Brasillian Quartz crystal necklace & Amethyst ring & Brasillian Totem Quartz crystal Necklace & Citrine Necklace - DIY

I love crystals and gemstones. Quartz crystals are used in expanding the mind to touch the spirit world. Crystals are used to enhance the beneficial life force. And if you learn how to practice it you'll really see results!
I love jewellery with gemstones and crystals, they always look so powerful and radiate special energy! See all my turquoise jewellery here!
Below you can find description for all the crystals that I have =) Hope you like it! 
Rose Quartz
~This pink crystal is the most important crystal that talks to you heart. If your heart is full of love, joy and happiness, it will magnify these feelings. This stone attracts love into your life; it helps to balance and harmonize all relationhips. If you are feeling sad, unloved or out Tof sorts, embrace this crystal and feel the unconditional love it gives you. Rose quartz aids the development of forgivness and compassopn. 
Clear Quartz
~This powerful crystal is the number one crystal for healing and protection. It helps with concentration and amplifies thought forms. It dispels negativity in your energy field and assists with spiritual growth. It stores information like a natural computer. This crystal can be programmed again and again. A beautiful crystal, full of love and wisdom to give. Clear Quartz is excellent for meditation and helps with communication with Spirit Guides.
~This purple crystal enhances psychic abilities. This is a very powerful stone. It absorbs all negativity around you and guards against psychic attack. It is an all-time great protector. This stone calms the mind, clears and heals feelings of sadness, guilt and revitalizes your energy. It is full of divine love, enhances intuition and cuts through illusion. An excellent crystal to meditate with. It has a high spiritual vibration. 
~This is a powerful crystal that helps restore self worth, confidence and raises self esteem. It is a great cleanser and is one of the few gemstones that does not require cleaning. It also attracts wealth and money into your life, so pop a small citrine into your wallet and watch the abundance grow. This crystal is warming, light hearted, energizing, cheerful and full of hope. It is a great stone to study with as it helps your mind absorb all that you are reading.


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Bag - Ellos.se // Blouse - Zara // Skirt - Halens.se // Cardigan - Madlady.se // Dress - Monki // Kimono - Arnhem.co // Blouse - Zara // Bag - JFR.se // Jeans - H&M
Shirt - GinaTricot // Blouse - Ellos.se // Skirt - GinaTricot // Blouse - Odin (Macedonia) // Shorts - BikBok // Jacket - Laredoute.se // Sweater - Gekås // Skirt - Spelldesigns.com // Jeans - H&M
When in doubt, go for pattern...and then tone it down with neutral colors, or, if you are like me - tune it up with some jewellery and accessories. I love patterns and prints! They are both the easiest and the trickiest pieces to style! But after wearing print a while you understand with what and how to style it. I preffer both of the versions I stated above. On the days when nothing goes right, I put on a printed top, paired with one-colored jeans and a cool bag! On the days I feel like going "all in", I pile up the necklaces, add a fringe vest, a headpiece and style my printed skirt with a basic, one-colored top! =)
If you think that your wardrobe looks sad and boring and you'd like to spice it up a little, a printed top or skirt is something I'll start with, since they are easy to style! 
Tell me, do you dare print or not ?!?


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1. H&M - Fashion Against Aids 2012;
2. Riverisland.com;
3. DIY;
4. Bik Bok.

Something I've always wanted to wear, since I was a little girl, were headbands or different head-pieces! My personal collection is growing with time and what I'm noticing is that the headbands turn into statement head-pieces! This in fact is why I love head-pieces, they give the complete story of an outfit!
On the photos above you see four of my most recent (I've shown some before here). I was so inspired when I made the coin-headpiece that I'm planning to start another project soon! 


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 Turquoise gemstone is the healing stone that attunes our physical selves to the greatest realms. It helps us to better comprehend ourselves and to bring our thoughts and emotions under command so we may see them get fruitful in our reality. You've but to stop and listen, be quiet and be prepaired to hear the truth about whom and what you are. Simply then will you find your full power."
My heart beats an extra beat for all turquoise! It has been like that ever since I can remeber! No idea why it's juts I'm drawn by some kind of invisible force towards turquoise stones, beads, materials, jewelry, buildings, flowers, the sea...
In the collage above you can see a mixture of my favorite photos from my "Inspirational" folder; close-ups of outfits and jewelry, paintings, buildings, as well as parts of my turquoise, jewelry collection as well as certain pieces from my closet!


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1. Glitter;
2. JFR.se;
3. Spelldesigns via Kyssjohanna.se

Here are my three most precious and most used bags!
It's one of my staple pieces, the fringe bag. Whatever outfit I have planned, or not, wherever I might go, I always carry my fringe bag with me!
Depending if it is the brown one with lovely embroidery and antique-golden studs, the black one with aztec pattern in cool colors or the amazing, Dreamweaver, my dream-bag from my favorite brand - Spell Designs...they all do the trick! They all leave that casual boho-chic or cool-hippie "feel" to the styling of an outfit!


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1. Missguided.co.uk;
2. Lindex;
3. + 4. H&M

During those seasons, when it's not "shorts season" I basically live in jeans! I do try to variate with dresses and skirts, but jeans is still the number one piece I think of when putting together an outfit. 
I love my black jeans, but I've started to play around with my choices, like color, pattern and patchwork....like on the photos above!
My absolute favorites are the last pair, paisley printed jeans from H&M which I bough recently! Love the mix of colors and how the fit me perfectly!
What's your favorite pair? Are you a jeans or a skirt kind of girl? Tell me! =)


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I don't know if you've noticed, but this year it has all been about shells! As jewelry, accessories or home decoration! I've been searching different second hand and vintage shops, browsing through Tradera adn Ebay, just to find small treasures from the sea. Now, I have quite the collection which is growing all the time! =)


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This year has been THE year when it comes to creations. I've really fellt inspired and have been making jewelry with the b'friend! He's been so sweet and really helped a lot with some thing that at first seemed impossible for me to do! =) I feel really satisfied with all my creation and I'm planning to continue making jewelry for my self, but even for you too guys, if you're interested! =)


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The first time I posted this photo I only though of my summer essentials, never actually realised that I'd also capture the most worn accessories of 2012. The brown, fringe bag from Glitter, belt and shoes from H&M, shades from Monki, DIY necklaces as well as an headband from Madlady.se. All of my friendship bracelets, my turquoise stone rings and the feather earring. 


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The most comfortable this year are these mockasins, fringe boots that I got at H&M! Worn them the whole summer (almost) and they are still in good shape! Cheers to my mockasins! =)