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1. Cowrie shells necklace - Tradera.com;
2. Broken shells necklace - SecondHand;
3. White, broken shells necklace - Tradera.com;
4. Snail shells necklace - Tradera.com;
5. Shells bracelet and rings - Greece

You guys that follow my blog know about my love for shells and that I'm actually, secetly a mermaid :D I've always had my eyes open in the search of shell jewellery! These are some of the latest additions to my small, but growing collection of shell jewellery. See some more here!


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I've had a crazy week last week....from our vacation in Greece we ended up at our summer house for the weekend. Went to a couple of cool parties, did a trip to the capital and enjoyed the summer heat while drinking heaps of iced water! :)
How is your summer so far ?!?


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This is actually one necklace made out of several threads with different wooden beads. Found it in a second hands shop and got it very cheap! Second hand and vintage shops are the perfect ones to dig out treasures!


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While in Greece I had my eyes open for all jewellery made from shells. As I don't live by the sea, shells aren't easy to be found, especially in jewellery. I was super excited when I found a street vendor that sells rings made out of shells! 
As you see in the photo above I got one from a sea snail and a shell. The bracelet is from a shop in the place we were at, it's pieces of shells glued to wooden bits. Couldn't be more happier! What do you think babes ?!?

>>> PEFKOHORI 2013 <<<

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private photos
Back from vacation! Had the best time ever, we didn't want to come back! The place we were at wasn't very big, but the beach was great as well as the people there. We met some locals that we hang around with and they showed us a great time. We did a lot of tanning, swimming in the sea, picked up some shells and had a lot of fun! My head is still filled with impresions and I want back already!
Hope you like the photos babes!


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Something I love putting on whenever and whatever ttime of the year it is, are kimonos! I have a small, but growing collection and the latest member is this lace and fringe kimono from H&M!
It's one of those "basic pieces that aren't actually basic", very versatile and gives that cool and casual, but yet boho-hippie-chic feel, wheter it's paired with jeans, shorts, dresses or skirts!
What do you think babes ?!?


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Some of the latest shots through my Instagram lens. My first week in Macedonia, I dieed my hair back to my natural color, as you might have read here :). My latest DIY-project, a gig in town, my new,handmade arm cuff and some shots from our vacation in Pefkohori, Greece (more about that soon).
Follow me there: @ivannascloset.


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It's bikini season and I've found the perfect bikini! It's crochet, two-tone brown, lighter on top - darker on bottom and it has beads! Can't wait to pair it with sandy toes, salty hair and fresh air!
 From Halens.se!


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It's been a long time since I posted an "At the moment"-list. So I decided to do one and sum up all the pieces, accessories and beauty trix that I'm into at this moment below. Hope you like it!
It's all about prints and patterns in my fashion book at the moment. It has been so for a while and it escalated now,as we entered this hotter and lighter season, especially printed blouses and tops.They are a great addition to a boho-chic feel in an outfit.
In the collage above you see my favorite, printed blouses. The two on the left are second hand treasures, originally from Zara, and the one on the right is from Ellos.se
 Yes, the same as for when it come to printed blouses. At the moment, I want my bags in bright-colored, native prints and fringe. 
 Even tough my heart will always beat harder for western inspired, cowboy boots, even during summer season, I've finally found the perfect pair of summer shoes! 
These loafers are relatively new. Minnetonka's Thunderbird II, the most comfortable shoes ever!
 I love jewellery, that's no secret. Lately I've hung up on different handpieces. Such a delicate piece of jewellery, both a ring and a bracelet in one. Makes you feel really feminine, since your wrists and hands come to attention. The perfect statement piece. 
In the collage above you see all my handpieces, a small but growing collection!
Something I could live in, season in - season out, are kimonos. Love them in every shape and size, prefferably with fringe. I've had my eye on a vintage, velvet brocade, long, fringed kaftan/kimono. A sage colored one, like this one from Salt Water Gypsy on Etsy is perfection. Paired with a lace top, high-wasted denim shorts and cowboy boots for a perfect boho/gypsy look!
 Yes! What you see it's true, your eyes do not decieve you. You might have noticed lately, on my outfit posts, that I've got some outgrown hair at the roots. A while ago I decided that I have to stop dying my hair, since it got thinner and I lost all the quality it had.
After couple of days being here, I booked a date with the hairdresser and after spending almost a whole day there, I came ut looking like this! I couldn't be more happier! Got my real hair-color back and cut off a lot of it as well!
What do you think babes? Really like to hear your opinion! :)
 I found this nailpolish during our visit in Macedonia this winter. I loved it from the moment I saw it, it has the perfect blue-green-glitter mermaid shade! I really do feel like a mermaid while wearing it - the perfect nail-polish for summer!
~How does you "At the moment" list look like? 'd really love to read them all if you make one, so please feel free to share them!
Lots of love! xx


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Last month I organized a Give Away to celebrate you lovely people that follow Ivanna's Closet on Facebook and Instagram! Finally, after a whole month of amazing girls sharing, liking and commenting on Facebook...we have a winner!
I used the help of Random.org to select the winner! Out of 43 qualified entries, the winner is Elena Jachevska!
Congrats sweetie! 
Since there were a lot of you that participated, I'm planning on another give away soon! 


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Found this dreamy, lace top at Laredoute.se! Love how the pattern is different from all the "lace patterns! I've seen so far! It's a perfect top for these hot summer days, as well as for layering! A perfect dose of bohemian to your outfit!


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Google Image
I've gone on vacation! While you are reading this I'll be lying on a beach in Pefkohori, Greece, sipping a cold drink, soaking in the sun and reading a good book. Can't wait to take a dip in the beatifully, turquoise sea!
I've prepared some posts for you guys for when I'm gone, so don't forget to check in from time to time, and I promise to come back with a lot of photos! :)
Lots of love! xx

><><>< SUMMER FEET ><><><

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I finally found the perfect summer shoes! I've never been so much for sandals and I love wearing my boots throught summer as well...but sometimes a "socks-free" day(s) could be good for the feet as well! 
These lovely and comfortable loafers come from Minnetonka and are called Thunderbird II. I look forward to a lot of hot, summer days with these!


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I bought this fringe clutch a while ago with a plan to style it up a bit with feathers and beads. I've finally had some time to finish it and decided to make a DIY - guide. It was really simple and easy to do, so if you have an old bag here is how to "pimp it up".
What I used were feathers that I bought at Panduro, turquoise and wooden beads (from Ebay.com), a thread and scissors.
I used the scissors to cut every other fringe piece in half. This in order to give it layering and texture with the feathers. I wanted the feathers to be a dominant element in this bag, and cutting the fringe in half allowed this since the feathers are placed in two layers.
Here is a close up of the clucth. I'm almost done here, but I wanted to show you what I meant with layers and textures, and how I've cut the fringe!
How to tie the feathers. Place the feather beneath the fringe you want to tie it to, decide how much you want the feather to "stick out" from the fringe. Take the thread, leave a long bit above the fringe and start making turns with the thread from the bottom of the fringe (left on the photo). Make the turns until you cover all the feather up.
To decorate with the beads you'll need to leave a longer bit of the thread before cutting it. On that piece, which is now hanging next to the feather (still on the same piece of fringe), thread on the beads you want to and tie a knot. I didn't want to exaggerate with beads, but I thought it would give the complete look to my clutch, so I put some beads at the beginning (left side) and at the end of the clucth (right side).
Here is a close up of how a placed the beads. I used a mix of tirquoise beads, crosses and skulls, as well as wooden beads. I think the match of colors with the feathers and the beads turned out great!
Finally done! Here it is, the final product. I couldn't be more satisfied, my absolute favorite clutch. A breath of bohemian spirit in every outfit!
Hope you like it sweeties!


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kimono - H&M
top - GinaTricot
necklace - Fashionell.se
skirt - Spelldesigns.com
bracelets - Indiska // DIY // Gekas // Fashionjar.blogg.se
rings - Nelly.com // GinaTricot // Indiska
fringe boots - Ellos.se
"Take my hand as the sun descends
They can't touch you now,
Can't touch you now...
Because the night is belongs to lovers..."
~ "Because the night" - Patti Smith


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Rose quartz ring & Brasillian Quartz crystal necklace & Amethyst ring & Brasillian Totem Quartz crystal Necklace & Citrine Necklace - DIY

I love crystals and gemstones. Quartz crystals are used in expanding the mind to touch the spirit world. Crystals are used to enhance the beneficial life force. And if you learn how to practice it you'll really see results!
I love jewellery with gemstones and crystals, they always look so powerful and radiate special energy! See all my turquoise jewellery here!
Below you can find description for all the crystals that I have =) Hope you like it! 
Rose Quartz
~This pink crystal is the most important crystal that talks to you heart. If your heart is full of love, joy and happiness, it will magnify these feelings. This stone attracts love into your life; it helps to balance and harmonize all relationhips. If you are feeling sad, unloved or out Tof sorts, embrace this crystal and feel the unconditional love it gives you. Rose quartz aids the development of forgivness and compassopn. 
Clear Quartz
~This powerful crystal is the number one crystal for healing and protection. It helps with concentration and amplifies thought forms. It dispels negativity in your energy field and assists with spiritual growth. It stores information like a natural computer. This crystal can be programmed again and again. A beautiful crystal, full of love and wisdom to give. Clear Quartz is excellent for meditation and helps with communication with Spirit Guides.
~This purple crystal enhances psychic abilities. This is a very powerful stone. It absorbs all negativity around you and guards against psychic attack. It is an all-time great protector. This stone calms the mind, clears and heals feelings of sadness, guilt and revitalizes your energy. It is full of divine love, enhances intuition and cuts through illusion. An excellent crystal to meditate with. It has a high spiritual vibration. 
~This is a powerful crystal that helps restore self worth, confidence and raises self esteem. It is a great cleanser and is one of the few gemstones that does not require cleaning. It also attracts wealth and money into your life, so pop a small citrine into your wallet and watch the abundance grow. This crystal is warming, light hearted, energizing, cheerful and full of hope. It is a great stone to study with as it helps your mind absorb all that you are reading.


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Obsessed with this top from Laredoute.se! It's a white, peplum top with a dreamy lace back. The material is perfectly soft cotton that makes love to the skin!
Clearly a new favorite!


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Here is my past week through my Instagram lens. We welcomed July, said goodbye to my work collegues and took the plane to Macedonia! Finally! Don't miss out on my adventures while here and follow me there: @ivannascloset.


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As you might have noticed I am a huge fan of accessories, especially jewellery! I never leave my home without a necklace, bracelets and rings. Jewellery is something that completes your outfit and tells the full story - which, if you ask me - is important when styling an outfit! 
I always try to match my jewellery with the story or the inspiration I've had for the outfit at that time. 
For me, jewellery has to be special and unique, not a piece which has been mass-produced without a soul and a story behind it. Don't get me wrong, I do buy some pieces which have been produced in large numbers - but those that have a special place in my heart are the handmade necklaces, rings, bracelets that are one of a kind; where a lot of love, effort and time has gone into the work of creating a unique piece!
Above you can see a compilation of close-up shots from some of my recent outfits, hope that they could be of some inspiration to you guys!
Lots of love!


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BDBA Look Book SS13

Falling head over heals for this look book of spanish label, BDBA. Love all the nudes, soft pinks, the white crochet and lace, flowey dresses and printed pants! Don't even get me started on the accessories, like those boots!
The location is also very special, the abandoned town, the cactus wall, the horse! AH! I'd love to do a shoot on a location like this!
What do you think babes ?!?


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Bag - Ellos.se // Blouse - Zara // Skirt - Halens.se // Cardigan - Madlady.se // Dress - Monki // Kimono - Arnhem.co // Blouse - Zara // Bag - JFR.se // Jeans - H&M
Shirt - GinaTricot // Blouse - Ellos.se // Skirt - GinaTricot // Blouse - Odin (Macedonia) // Shorts - BikBok // Jacket - Laredoute.se // Sweater - Gekås // Skirt - Spelldesigns.com // Jeans - H&M
When in doubt, go for pattern...and then tone it down with neutral colors, or, if you are like me - tune it up with some jewellery and accessories. I love patterns and prints! They are both the easiest and the trickiest pieces to style! But after wearing print a while you understand with what and how to style it. I preffer both of the versions I stated above. On the days when nothing goes right, I put on a printed top, paired with one-colored jeans and a cool bag! On the days I feel like going "all in", I pile up the necklaces, add a fringe vest, a headpiece and style my printed skirt with a basic, one-colored top! =)
If you think that your wardrobe looks sad and boring and you'd like to spice it up a little, a printed top or skirt is something I'll start with, since they are easy to style! 
Tell me, do you dare print or not ?!?


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photography - StefanTasevski
styling&photo editing - Me 
headpiece&beaded belt - Asos.com
top&jeans - H&M
kaftan&boots - Vintage
dreamcatcher necklace (gift)Chippewa Blackbird
rings - Indiska // DIY // Carrooco.se
bracelets - Indiska // Accessora.se // Dealextreme.com
bag - JFR.se
" Nature needs no remedy - she needs only an opportunity to exercise her own self-healing powers. "


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New jewelry;
 bracelets from Ellos.se // Indiska // Gekås // Stylight (gift)
 necklace from Madlady.se
 handpiece from Riverisland.com
 rings from TARA // Indiska // GinaTricot

Going through my most recent archive, I noticed that I had been wearing a lot of new jewelry that you haven't seen before! My jewelry box has become pretty full and unorganized lately, mostly due to the fact that new jewelry is being added and I don't have the time to sit and sort the pieces. 
In the collage above you see the latest addition of treasures, mostly in different golden tones! I added some detail shots of outfits, for you to see how I styled the jewelry! =)


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" Our yearning for summer shows how much we are all craving freedom, warmth, a simpler life!
 ~Doutzen Krues

Thank you June for bringing summe to us! it has been a lovely month, filled with joy, sunshine and just a little bit of rain...The perfect recipe for Rainbows! Wiht July, summer can officially start as well, since I'm taking vacation from work on Thursday and flying to Macedonia on Friday! Ah! Can't wait!
~It's time to make the world dangerous! ;) Summer 2013, I'm reay for you!