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Valborg today!!! Went out to do my "saving" of money,did a tour through the second hand shops,found some pretty things but didn't buy anything.Didn't come empty handed home though,oh no,bought something,but you'll get to see that later!!!
Then went to find a good spot at some cafe so i can watch the student cortege and be comfortable. Guess what!
1st: they were late this year! 2nd it started rainig,small drops at first but then it got stronger!!!!
Result:no cortege OR picknick this year for me!!!! :(
Instead it's a movie maraton at home with drinks and snacks!!! Before I go back to yet another movie,this is what i'm wearing today:

t-shirt - zara
cardigan - H&M
pants - ???
boots - gojane.com
necklace - macedonia

Have a great evening everyone!!!

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  • Joana säger:

    na prvu sliku licis mnogo na onuj sto pobedi na top model idag :D aaa zasto tolko los kvalitet na slike?

    i glöm inte ringen imon snälla :D

    2010-04-30 | 23:01:40

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