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Soon! or...in a month...H&M releases the collection made for Fashion Against Aids Campaign!!! we all have the opportunity to see the collection HERE before it's in the stores.I did,and i have some photos for you!! =)

picutes: hm.com

these are some of the things i would like to own!!! My favourites are those high-waisted shorts on the third photo;the flowery pant on the fourth one and the black t-shirt with many threads at front.
But,you know,that jeans dress on the 2nd photo or that native american inspired dress on the 1st one aren't too bad either!!! =)

I don't know about you,but I'm for sure going to be in the first battle lines on the 20th of May! =D

time for a movie and then i'm off to bed! free tomorrow,but i have a lot to catch up!!!
see you when i see you!!!

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