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The weather is pretty shitty today.Dark clouds,windy,starts to rain and then it changes its mind...CRAZY i tell ya!
But nevermnd...my day has been fine so far...went to school,came home earlier than planned, had a bounty for breakfast (not healthy I KNOW!) but i just had the most delicious,home made,lasagna for lunch!!! hahahahaa...now,time for todays look!

everything comes from H&M,the boots are from gojane.com and I don't remember where i've bought the belt from =)

have a good tuesday!!!

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  • amy - TÄVLING PÅGÅR! säger:

    svar_ tack så hemskt mycket!

    2010-04-20 | 17:47:18
    >>Blog adress<<: http://amy.blogg.se/
  • Sissi säger:


    TÄVLING i min blogg - vinn valfri klänning från fashionbox. Om du är intresserad så hittar du tävlingen i min blogg under kategorin "tävlingar"! :)

    2010-04-21 | 10:05:15
    >>Blog adress<<: http://enligtsissi.blogg.se/
  • Karin säger:

    Coola boots!

    2010-04-21 | 12:41:16
    >>Blog adress<<: http://karinbylund.blogg.se/

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