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The day was amaizing,have been up since 10! Drank coffee,dyed (is that how yoo spell it?!?)my hair,satisfied,but not fully,showered and went out. Had breakfast/lunch with the b-friend,then a tour around the shops,bought some things that you'll get to see later. There was designermarket here in Göteborg at Pustervik,so went to look what's happening there,pretty interesting stuff,gotta say,hopa this becomes a year event!!! Later,visited Myrorna,to see if they had a jean-jacket,gladly a size or two bigger,i've got something on mind,but you'll find out eventually. Then had a couple of drinks with the boyfriendo and it was time to head home. All in all a great day!!! Status:Satisfied! =) ...and this is how i look today:

top - H&M
jeans - H&M
jacket - Zara
belt - Zara
bag - Lindex
sunglasses - Cubus

laterssss!!! =)))

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  • Joana säger:

    lisa från lisas place hade en sån som du vill ha o hon skrev att den e från bikbok men ja e inte säkert att dom finns kvar :/

    2010-04-24 | 21:33:07

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