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my autumn wishes!

With this weather we're having these days,there's nothing I can do,but think of autumn. Especially when the web-shops are filled with some amazing things!
This is how i would like to look this autumn!
The fake leather/fur jackets are a must this fall. I have to buy myself one,and this form Ellos is not a bad choice!
I've decided that i'm going to buy a cape too,but still don't know if i should buy a black one or a camel colored one. The long skirts and dresses are following us in fall too. I have a black long dress,but another one,or a long skirt,in some earth color wouldn't be bad to have!
Cardigans and knitted sweatshirts! I'm going to live in them,especially as is getting colder! Many designs,patterns and elbow details! Perfect to match on tights or over-knee socks! So,don't forget to by a new pair of over-knee socks!
Burgundy/red is a color that is significant for this autumn! Tops,knits,pants,bags,you have to own at least something in red this fall!!!
Shirts never go out of style! This season the transparent ones and the checkered ones are a must! Already on my shopping list!
This fall i'm definitely getting myself a pair of fake leather pants and these from Monki are a good budget alternative. High wasted,dark washed jeans and carrot pants are something that i have in mind too! I'd prefer the carrot styled to be patterned!
Shoes,shoes,shoes. Girl's best friend. What is a Swedish winter without a pair of good,winter boots. I already have my old friends, Dr. Marten's! For the warmer days i will be wearing big,clumsy wedges. Rather in some shades of grey or burgundy. As i've mentioned before a low heeled,everyday boot is a must for the chilled autumn days (on my shopping list!)
It would do me good if before i start with the uni this year i buy a new bag! I've been checking this Alexander Wang inspired so many times and I think that now it's the time!
How is your autumn looking like?!?

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