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Din Sko

...colours of autumn!
Which has already arrived in the fashion world! These pieces you are seeing are all coming in store in fall. Some of the things,like H&M's,are going to be in store from July even! How amaizing is that! There is something to look forward to after the long,hot summer! Earhly tones and very much leather is to be expected! Indeed!
Think even that the leather jacket with the fur,is going to be the IT jacket in fall! And i'm so glad that we are going to be seeing even more of WEDGES in fall!!!!

I know what i want in my closet! Do you?!?


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  • anna säger:

    riktigt snyggt!

    2010-05-23 | 20:37:29
    >>Blog adress<<: http://aannnnaaaa.blogg.se/
  • joana marija säger:

    oj.. orgasm O.o

    2010-05-23 | 21:27:17
  • jea säger:

    Åh ringen! Så himlans fin, färgen och rasslet som möter det hårda :D

    2010-05-24 | 09:23:41
    >>Blog adress<<: http://nonfiction.webblogg.se/
  • Rebecka säger:

    Så nedrans snygga grejer

    2010-05-25 | 18:32:56
    >>Blog adress<<: http://rebeckamg.blogg.se/

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