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There has been a lot of talk about turbans lately! Is it back,really,is it in,does it look like something your auntie will wear and so on!
Oh but yes,it is back,but it's only up to you and how are you going to wear it! To put all your hair back on the beach or as an accessorie on your night out! Yeas it can look a bit oldfashioned,but that always depends on the way a person styles his/her clothes!
Peronally i would like to try one on first,and see how it suits me, "if we bond" =))) but, i mean...why not! shouldn't say no before you try!!! =)
To read more about the Turban and the interview with Cecilia Blankens by Karolina Skande go here!

So,what do you say ?!? Is the Turban hot or not !?!

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  • sabina säger:

    ingen trend jag kommer följa :P

    2010-05-04 | 17:00:46
    >>Blog adress<<: http://missmalmberg.blogspot.com
  • Amy säger:

    svar_ men tack, hightlightsena? vilka?

    2010-05-04 | 18:24:38
    >>Blog adress<<: http://amy.blogg.se/
  • Amy säger:

    svar_ haha jaha, jag trodde aldrig jag skrev att jag hade gjort det:) men japp de har jag gjort! haha

    2010-05-04 | 19:05:52
    >>Blog adress<<: http://amy.blogg.se/

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