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shirt - b'friends
jacket - zara
shorts - cutoffs (cubus)
tights - H&M

Oh what a day I've had!!! breakfast and coffee at home and then we got ready for picknick and went out! Yes,I finally had my picknick! Haha!!! Left my maths at home and felt a little guilty about it at first but when we got there I didn't care!!! Slottskogen was filled with people as always! The sun was shining,people were barbequing,we were listening to music and enjoing life to be exact!!! Came home about an hour ago and now it's time for shower,then i'll probably try to do a bit of maths and then,of course,a movie!!!

Hope you had a great day!!!

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  • Sabina säger:

    fin skjorta :D

    2010-05-02 | 20:19:57
    >>Blog adress<<: http://missmalmberg.blogspot.com
  • Carolina [fotograf] säger:

    Grymmt cool :)

    Läs om modeshopping från min USA-resa, om sex (höhö) och kolla nya foton jag tagit från New York idag ♥ ♥ ♥ Bloggen är under konstruktion och kommer bli sjukt bra och större.

    2010-05-03 | 10:36:54
    >>Blog adress<<: http://caroflina.blogg.se/

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