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dress - H&M
necklace - H&M
belt - secondhand
leggings - ginatricot
boots - gojane.com

Jaha!!! The day has been awful! Had the last lecture today!Next week it's going to be only repetition and the week after EXAMS! Yeah! Stressing right now,but i'm thinking that after the 28th..the SUMMER BEGINS!!!
Not only that,it's been raining the WHOLE day! Instead of being sunny and warm so we can go out in the sun...we have to stay in (perfect for those who have to study :P ). Anywho this is how i've been walking around today! Really like the dress! Money well spent!
Did my studying and training and now time to start the long weekend with a good movie and snacks!!!

Hope you have a nice evening too!!!
Big Love!!

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