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vest - Beyond Retro
t-shirt - H&M
leggings - Gina Tricot
boots - gojane.com
shades - H&M

I had my leather jacket with too,of course,since the weather was changing like crazy today!!! From sunny,cloudy,windy,rainy,to dark and freezing again!!!
Anywho,there were some who wanted to know hot the t-shirt looks like on,so,here you go!!!
I like it  VERY MUCH!!!

So,i'm done with uni.This year,I mean,is over!!! But it still feels like i have to do something,not just sitting around at home,but i guess,every end of the school year it's like that!

Anywho,now it's time for some really coasy night with the b'friend,cuz i froze outside and i'm very tired!!!

Hope you had a nice day!!!
Later!!! <3

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