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We knew eachother since we were ten. Me and Stefan! We went to an english course together,but we were just friends!!! That week in May,2005,something changed. The look in our eyes changed. Since then,we've been together! The perfect match! And we've been through so much together! Went trough two years of long distance,since i moved here,to Sweden! Seven moths ago he moved here and we are together again,at last!!!
Today, 26th of May, 2010 it's five years since we've been together!!!
So,shared the presents,time to make our favvo lunch,drink,and have a wonderful day! A new year has started!!!

P.S. What i got for present,later!!!

Hope you have a wonderful day too!!! <3<3<3

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  • joana marija säger:


    2010-05-26 | 15:00:41
  • daniela säger:

    GRATTIS...STOOOOR kram till er...jag älskar er....da vi se mnoziv godine...<3<3<3

    2010-05-26 | 17:17:06

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