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AH!!! So happy that i finally got these things!!! I wanted to have the long black dress and the Black Book t-shirt since forever! Love the hat and the belt! I was afraid that the belt won't be as red...but omg it is,it has such a bright red colour! THe shirt is a plain,normal,black shirt that i ordered from the male department on sale! It's much more black than on the photo,and it will look even better after i've ironed it and style it!!!
So happy!!!
Now...just a little more to do with the maths,and later it's Ben&Jerry,b'friend and Eurovision! =)

What are you up to???

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  • joana marija säger:

    cuci lycka till imon :*

    2010-05-27 | 21:38:09
  • Emma says style, love & rock and roll. säger:

    åh blackbooktischan, awesome!

    2010-05-28 | 09:31:00
    >>Blog adress<<: http://emmasays.blogg.se/
  • Sanna säger:

    Långklänningen är så vacker!

    Sv: TACK snälla du!

    2010-05-28 | 10:27:08
    >>Blog adress<<: http://sannakumlins.blogg.se/
  • nickie säger:

    JAG ÄLSKAR TISCHAN!!!! TÄnkt på att beställa en men aldrig blivit gjort.... Oversize??

    2010-05-28 | 11:42:26
    >>Blog adress<<: http://nicolefagerholm.blogg.se/
  • nickie säger:

    SVAR: definitely!!!

    2010-05-28 | 12:08:09
    >>Blog adress<<: http://nicolefagerholm.blogg.se/
  • joana marija säger:

    ja vill tästa långkläningen för att ja kanske ska köpa en också :*

    2010-05-28 | 21:21:34

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