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and in the package are these cuties! Finally! Waited for this package almost a month! Now it is here!!! Satisfied with most of the things i ordered! But,one dress is going back! Not what i imagined!!!
What exactly is in it-later! So don't miss out!

Now got to go back to my studying! Tomorrow is the last exam!!!

Hope you are enjoing you day!!! Peace!

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  • Malin säger:

    Skjorta till vänster? Tror jag har en likadan. Svårt att se men det skulle kunna vara så, haha!

    2010-05-27 | 18:32:28
    >>Blog adress<<: http://malinbs.wordpress.com/
  • Pixie Dust säger:

    Thank you for the question - yes... I'm a (un)happy IB student :)) I chose 6 pretty demanding subjects... so I guess I'm paying for that now :))

    2010-05-27 | 19:36:44
    >>Blog adress<<: http://fraupixiedust.blogspot.com
  • matilda säger:

    riktigt snygga grejer!

    2010-05-27 | 20:27:51
    >>Blog adress<<: http://fashionbible.blogg.se/
  • joana marija säger:

    kan inte du ta kort på allt du har köpt ? =)

    2010-05-27 | 20:37:17

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