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rings - Macedonia/ H&M
necklaces - Bulgaria/Egypt
shades - H&M
watch - Jet Set/ Ur&Penn

I guess the t-shirt is supposed to say "I <3 Vampires" but it deffinitely is made to make people think of Twilight!
I bought the t-shirt since i do love vampires,have always done that! Though i like the harsher,stronger,more dangerous ones...like Anne Rice's vampires! I did enjoy reading the Twilight books,i will admit that,but think that the movies are a torture and do not portray the story well! (Robert Pattinson is a different story :D )

What to you think about vampires? Twilight-Saga,books or movies???

Done with studying for today...didn't do much...just got frustrated...which happens a lot when i study maths...but,but this is the last time EVER that i'm studying it so,have to suck it up for just two weeks more! YEY! (not). Now,a walk with the b'friend and then shower and movie!!!
How has you Sunday been? Hope the rest of it is fun!!! =)

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  • Madde säger:

    Tack så mycket tjejen!

    I helg har jag både festat, haft filmmys och fikat med vänner. Gillar dina ringar skarpt! Vad gör du? kram

    2010-05-16 | 21:19:07
    >>Blog adress<<: http://maddisenj.blogg.se/
  • Broken Wing Jewelry säger:

    Love the shirt and vampires! I'm 50 so they first vampire I was exposed to was the old series of Dark Shadows. Darker and a bit more mysterious, but definitely hot. Made me want to donate my blood supply! I too prefer Ann Rice's vamps, especially since my family came from New Orleans, La. The Twilight series are okay, just to "fluffy" for me. I gueass I prefer the BAD BOYS, lol.

    Real nice blog, sorry you had trouble with my site. I had surgery and was recouping for a few months so hope it works better now. http://www.brokenwingjewelry.blogspot.com

    Happy reading!

    2010-05-17 | 17:05:44
    >>Blog adress<<: http://www.BrokenWingJewelry.blogspot.com

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