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1. I study chemistry at Gothenburg University...I'm finishing my second year of the Bachelor's porgramme.
2. This summer it will be 4 years since I moved to Sweden with my family.
3. My boyfriend and I are going to celebrate out 6th anniversary on the 26th of May.
4. I love listening to rock, hard rock and heavy metal...powerful music,as I like to call it =)
5. My hair-colour is actually blonde-brown...I've been a redhead for 3 years now.
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6. I'm fascinated from vampires and love to read about them. One of my bookshelves is filled with vampire-literature =)
7. I have a phobia of bare feet. It's really scary and...well... disgusting.
8. If I don't succeed and work as a fashion stylist in the future (which would be a dream come true!!!) .... you'll find me in some CSI-laboratory =)))
9. I can't survive a day without coffee and chockolate!
10. This is weird...but I really love dancing at the Macedonian folk music they play on weddings =)
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