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I've always loved tribal prints and patterns, together with Native American, Navajo, Aztec prints! You have no idea how happy I am that this year I'm offered various choices from various stores, brands and designers!
Suits best for you with the hippe/Native American inspired style! But why not match it (top/bottom) with a toned down colour, like black or white, for a more casual chic city look!

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  • Anonymous säger:

    If you've truly "always been inspired from the Native American culture" then why not buy from credible sources? This is an ongoing battle for many Natives. For example Navajo Nation has sent a cease and desist letter to Urban Outfitters for using their name, indicating that they find it offensive. As it is, this is pretty damn racist.

    2012-04-29 | 16:21:15
  • Oracle Fox säger:

    OMG! Those Aztec print shorts are Awesome! xx Mandy

    2012-04-30 | 05:28:06
    >>Blog adress<<: http://www.oraclefox.com

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